Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Less is MORE : Part 1

Memorial Day has passed and we are on our way to another summer!
Today I had clients come in and say how much they indulged this weekend and how bloated and shitty they felt.  This happens every year during the holiday season and the start of the summer months.  

I'm not here to judge. I'm here to encourage and motivate. I'm going to ask how much fun they had with friends and family and simply advise them to drink their water and get back on track with their food. TODAY.

Why? Because there was a time in my not so distant past that I allowed EXERCISE and FOOD to rule my life. Whether it was exercising to make up for my poor food choices, or being so strict with my nutrition that it bordered CRAZYTOWN.

Guess what? It's not fun. And its not the way it has to be.

You don't need to workout every single day of the week to see the results you want.  In fact doing so might just get you no where but tired and fat.
Before we even broach the subject of exercise I am going to tell you something shocking.
I am a "trainer" and I DO NOT believe that exercise or more exercise is the solution. In some cases its part of the problem. I will discuss this later.


As women we have a complex balance of hormones. It is important that stress (whether it be physical or mental) is balanced. This is of the UTMOST importance. 
-Some sort of meditation or a regular yoga practice can assist you with this.
-Perhaps its even a long walk to clear your head and be with nature.

Make sure that you are getting ADEQUATE, QUALITY sleep.
For some this could mean 6 hours, for others 8. Find out what works for you and get in ya bed!
TRUST ME. It makes all the difference in the world.

I'm not saying to go VEGETARIAN or PALEO. 
I'm saying that the less packaged foods you eat, the better! 

You are going to fill up SO MUCH more on 300 calories of eggs veggies and some sweet potato 
versus a freaking Special K 100 calorie bar.
Not to mention that it breaks down to sugar faster than you can shove it down your gullet and causes you to eat 2 more.
BAHAHAHHAHAH can you tell how much I HATE Special K?!?!?!?!!?

Just eat the real food's not gonna make you fat.
BUT THE STRESSING ABOUT what diet to follow and all the chemicals in the processed foods just might! 

There are 3 things that you should have a grasp on BEFORE you start exercising if your goal is weight loss.
Because guess what
Good or Bad...exercise is a stress on your body.
If you are sleeping poorly, stressing about everything and eating shit.... 
Exercise is only fuel for the fire of hormones that are causing your lack of progress!

Don't get me wrong its not EASY or else everyone would be in great shape...but it is EASIER than you are made to believe.

Progress not Perfection my friends!
Stay tuned for my take on LESS IS MORE when it comes to exercise in Part 2.

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