Monday, January 25, 2010


I rarely watch television, but as of lately it seems as though each and every time I turn it on there is another commercial pushing the issue that "corn syrup is safe in small amounts."


Considering the fact that my body is VERY INTOLERANT/"allergic" to processed corn (means I am very familiar with reading ingredient labels), I know that corn syrup is in virtually EVERYTHING AND ANYTHING that is packaged and processed.

Angus must have read my mind when he sent me this.

Saturday, January 23, 2010


Aaron, Kev and I have been working on creating some programs for our clients. MYOFORCE is coming along quite nicely, but you can see for yourself...

Finally some scientific backing....

For all of us who use the kettlebell as a tool in our training, we don't need any studies to prove its awesome powers :)

But for those of you who are a bit more skeptical or of the scientific mind, here's a recent study from ACE!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Oh, The Places Your Ego Will Go

By Scott Kalechstein

Your ego will travel with you on this earth
And be your companion for worser or worse
It pretends it’s your friend, your bestest amigo
And it makes you feel guilty, that’s the job of the ego
It has good judgment and will help you be strong
So it has to remind you you’ve done it all wrong
You’re weak and you’re lazy and you can’t get a clue
That’s the voice of the ego to motivate you
Oh, the places you’ll go and the guilt trips you’ll travel
As the ego plays judge and bangs down its gavel

But you always can get some relief from your shame
By projecting it on to the others you’ll blame
For that is the ego at its beastiest best
It nurses its grievances close to its chest
It milks every upset for things to complain about
And turns molehills to mountains to put you in pain about
No trust is a must you must constantly worry
No peace till deceased you must stay in a hurry

Oh, the places you’ll go and the people you’ll see
All through the lens of “What’s in it for me?”
For the ego believes there is something it lacks
And until it is found it won’t let you relax
You’ve got to keep moving at speeds that are blinding
Keep searching and searching but not really finding
Perhaps you will find it in the next one you’ll date
True love at first sight with a soul kind of mate
It’s great for a while till the egos take hold
Cause when two halves combine they do not make a whole
It’s hot at the start but it will turn to cold
For when two halves collide they cannot make a whole

So the ego moves on ever constantly striving
Addicted to seeking and afraid of arriving
You’re traveling fast at the speed of surviving
With fear in the drivers seat doing the driving
The joys of each moment go swishing on by
As the ego keeps reaching for pies in the sky
Reaching and reaching with arms that are flailing
And the ego loves giving you F for your failings

Or perhaps you are on the fast track to success
You’re constantly driven to be great, better, best!
You’re a mover, a shaker, a big time achiever
You’re a real self-made man, a dazzling diva
You’re rich and you’re famous and make quite a splash
You’re on top of the world and you’re rolling in cash
You drive the right car and you’ve married the right spouse
Today you’re on Oprah, this evening the White House

But at night insecurity pays you a call
Cause you know anytime that you could lose it all
Your shrink says to rest and your spouse sure agrees
Your doctor says, “Ulcers, take fourteen of these.”
You know you should slow it down sooner or later
But your foot is just glued to the accelerator
Your ego consoles, “Well, at least we’re successful
It’s a sign of success to be constantly stressful
You’ve made it to prime time and everyone loves you.”
(But your self-esteem’s built on what others think of you)

One day when you’ve failed and succeeded enough
You witness your ego exposed in the buff
And you realize without all its protective clothing
That the ego is simply a state of self-loathing
And beyond that you find out the biggest of deals
That you’ve dreamt up the ego, it’s not even real!
So for richer, for poorer, in sickness and health
You commit to the journey of loving yourself
You take back the projections you placed upon others
And find through forgiveness real peace is discovered
You realize the glory you searched for outside you
Is what you are made of and can’t be denied you
So you give up your plans and your potions and pills
And you practice contentment and learn how to chill
Your old superstitions have gone up in smoke
(Like you can’t rest in peace until after you croak)

While resting in peacefulness you get inspired
To go out in the world with some newfound desires
Desires that spring from your heart and your soul
And wherever they take you you’re going there whole
Cause your ego is now in the passenger seat
It rolls down the window and takes in the treats
You’re not in a hurry you’re taking it slow
Cause the journey’s as rich as the places you’ll go
Where you are going you don’t need to know
For the journey’s as rich as the places you’ll go

Scott Kalechstein is a writer, an entertainer, a traveling minister, a
counselor and coach, a modern day troubadour and inspirational speaker. He
lives with his partner and daughter in Marin, California and loves
presenting at conferences, giving talks, concerts and workshops. In his
phone counseling practice, he is a relationship specialist, helping both
individuals and couples enjoy more conscious relationships. You can visit to read more about his work, to hear his talks or to
sample songs from his nine CD’s. Send him an email to receive writings like
this one on a semi-occasional basis.


Tuesday, January 19, 2010


If you have ever seen me at the gym, the yoga studio, or just walking around you know I ALWAYS wear a headband.

The gal who inspired me to compete in my first figure competition, recently got in touch with me and sent me some samples from FRESH KARAT.

Fresh Karat headwraps are a fashionable, functional and durable product designed never to budge or cause discomfort. The headwraps appeal to all ages and can be worn wide or skinny, at the hairline or away from the face. Also very practical, they can be used for yoga/running/at the gym, errands, outdoor activities, bad hair days, or the perfect finishing accessory.

Anyhow, they do wholesale and retail... so if any of you gym owners want to incorporate it into your pro shop, or if you boutique owners want to add a little something special to your store ;) Email Alli at :)))

Alli McKee is a strength coach from Baltimore Maryland, she is both the girlfriend and client of Coach Nick Tumminello!

If you love the headbands as much as I do, enter the code "fitness" for free shipping!

Thank you-xoxo

For those of you who don't know, my last day at Punch Gym was this past Saturday. I have received countless well wishes as I move on with my career. I wanted to thank all of you who have been a part of my time at Punch and I will miss you all.

Shan and I put together some video courtesy of JT and I wanted to share it with you.

The files were too big to put directly on the blog, please take a look :)

Monday, January 18, 2010

Let Freedom Ring

Try not to think of today as just another "day off".

I believe that unarmed truth and unconditional love will have the final word in reality. This is why right, temporarily defeated, is stronger than evil triumphant.

Martin Luther King Jr.

This morning our yoga practice was devoted to peace (shanti) , love and freedom.



Thursday, January 14, 2010

9 weeks in and I am already seeing results :) I am working VERY hard and I have a great coach to write my programs. Rather than just running through the stages of periodization; I am staying in my hypertrophy phase until we see the results we want!

I need BIGGER LEGS, popping delts and GINORMOUS LATS! Phase 2 of my hypertrophy phase is full of bilateral exercises WOOHOOO.

Two days per week I am allowed a TINY bit of interval burnout at the end of my workout. On my lower body day it is lower body specific, and on my upper body pull day, likewise.

Every girl that does a Figure Competition is going to have a different program. It is all about works for her :) It's all about trial and error...lucky me.

Currently I am not on any sort of strict diet. I had a meeting with Bonnie LeFrak (more on that later) and she said I am as lean as ever so just KEEP EATING and NOT DOING CARDIO. I just need to try to put "good" mass on. I am trying to eat every 3 hrs a good carbohydrate and a protein, and trying to get in 2 BIONIC EDGE WHEY PROTEIN SHAKES per day.

As most of you know it has been quite a few crazy weeks, and to be honest my diet hasn't been at its best. Honestly I haven't cooked in the past month...lots of salads with chicken BBBBBOOOOOORRRRRIIIIIINNNNNGGGGGG
That will all change after this weekend, when I have a little more time to get myself together.
Many people have asked if this training has made my life more difficult, and I am happy to say NO!!! Exactly the opposite :) It has given me something to focus on through some tough times. It has been a challenge that I love to attack full on, for MYSELF! I am just a short ways in and I have already learned SO MUCH

Thursday, January 7, 2010

I feel like I am always updating you all on strength gains and weight loss success stories from women at the studio. It's time I changed all that ;)

Meet Jeff!

Jeff came to me almost a year ago interested in kettlebells! Needless to say he had a "few" postural issues that needed to be taken care of. He had already had a knee replacement and was trying to put off the second one for as long as possible.
He took my advice and saw my friend Aaron Brooks and got some himself some pain relief courtesy of Aaron's corrective exercises. Aaron and I worked together and progressed Jeff to places he NEVER thought he would see again. Jeff is an avid golfer and is able to play his heart out! Using body weight exercises, the MYOFORCE VERSUS, and certain kettlebell exercises Jeff was able to get in the best shape of his life.

His doctor's agreed :)
And we have the numbers to prove it!
Jeff's cholesterol went from 255 :0 to 163!!!!!!!

Ladies he's single ;)

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Straight from ANGUS :)))

Health food mecca?

More restaurants honor vegetarian, vegan, raw food philosophies

The Boston area isn’t generally thought of as a health food mecca. Prime rib, fried seafood, boiled dinner: These dishes represent our conservative culinary roots. Perhaps it should come as no surprise that the vegetarian, vegan, and raw restaurants that thrive in other cities have cropped up at a slower pace here.

Yet eating for health has a long history in the area. Macrobiotic pioneer Michio Kushi established the Kushi Institute in the Boston area in the late 1970s. Ann Wigmore, the grandmother of the raw food diet, started schools here a decade before that. With a large population of curious and adventurous students, this seems a natural market for restaurateurs catering to alternative diets.

This past year has seen a marked shift in that direction. A vegetarian restaurant, a vegan pizzeria, and three raw, vegan restaurants all opened in the fall. Another vegan restaurant, Vej Naturals, is in the midst of relocating from a tiny spot in Malden to a space three times its size in Somerville’s Davis Square. The new restaurant, to be called the Pulse Cafe, is slated to open later this month or early next month.

“Part of the reason we opened where we did was that we just wanted a small place to try things out,’’ says Bob Bouley, the cafe’s co-owner and chef. “We weren’t sure what the reception would be. But we were very overwhelmed right from the start.’’

Like Vej Naturals before it, Pulse Cafe will serve what Bouley calls vegan comfort food. “We try to do a lot of familiar foods because we want to be there for the vegans and vegetarians, but we also want to attract the everyday diner,’’ he says. “At least half our customers fit that description. They’re not vegan or vegetarian, but they want to try something different or eat a little healthier.’’ Their hearty dinners might be anything from Italian-style cutlets to a Lebanese dish.

“Even though there are the old-school diners and the Union Oyster House and those kind of places, I think Boston is becoming a very open-minded community, especially with the student population in the area,’’ Bouley says. “People are more willing to try new things.’’

Evelyn Kimber, president of the Boston Vegetarian Society, says she has seen an explosion of interest in recent years, with increased attendance at events such as a New Year’s banquet and vegan cooking classes, which fill up within hours of their announcement.

“There’s a growing awareness of all the compelling reasons for eating vegetarian and vegan,’’ she says. Chief among them: concerns about the environment, animal cruelty, and individual health. In 2006, a United Nations study called “Livestock’s Long Shadow’’ found that animal agriculture is a big contributor to climate change, pollution, reduction of biodiversity, and land and water degradation. Films like “Food, Inc.,’’ books such as Jonathan Safran Foer’s “Eating Animals,’’ and news reports have exposed dark truths about factory farming. “And then, of course, hardly a day goes by when there isn’t something in the news about the health benefits of increasing plant foods and decreasing or minimizing animal foods,’’ Kimber says.

Eric Prescott, director of the Boston Vegan Association, also sees an increasing openness to meat-free diets. “People are much more responsive and genuinely curious,’’ he says. “It used to be when you got questions, people would be like, What are your shoes made out of? Gotcha! But now a lot more people are more wide-eyed and really want to know’’ about the vegan diet.

A vegan for eight years, Prescott has long been interested in opening a restaurant that reflects his lifestyle. In October, he helped launch Allston’s Peace o’ Pie, serving hand-tossed vegan pizzas made with dairy-free cheese and gourmet toppings. “A bunch of vegans wanted to put money into a place that represents our values,’’ he says. “If we want veganism to appeal to people, we’ve got to get it out in front of a broader audience and let them know how good it can be.’’

Perhaps due to the increase in interest, or simply to Allston’s insatiable hunger for pizza in all forms, business has been brisk. “It’s too soon to say we’ve succeeded,’’ Prescott says. “But we started off with a bang.’’

At Red Lentil, a new vegetarian and vegan restaurant in Watertown, chef-owner Pankaj Pradhan says there are often lines to get in on weekends. “We have a mix of everything,’’ he says. “We have Italian, Greek, Middle Eastern, a couple of Indo-Chinese dishes.’’ He changes his specials every day and uses organic eggs, grains, and produce as much as possible. He also offers some gluten-free dishes for people with celiac disease.

Opening a niche restaurant in a bad economy was a risk, he says. “I believe in 50 percent hard work and 50 percent luck. I said, You know what? All you do is make good food, the rest we’ll see what happens. My goal was not to make money right now, my goal was to make people happy. My prices are pretty reasonable. I believe that’s what brings people here.’’

What brings people to the Prana Cafe is a lifestyle. Taylor and Philippe Wells own Prana Power Yoga, with studios in Newton, Cambridge, Winchester, and New York. “My husband and I are raw vegans,’’ Taylor Wells says. “We just didn’t have any place to eat.’’ So they opened their cafe, a few doors down from the Newton yoga studio. They offer everything from raw burritos to lasagna to chocolate pudding, plus a kids’ menu.

“We wanted a place for students to go. We wanted to expand the community,’’ she says. “People feel they don’t have a choice right now. We want to give them a choice and make it easy for them to feel good while eating the best food ever.’’

Newburyport’s Revitalive Cafe also specializes in raw, vegan food. It’s an offshoot of Revitalive Health & Wellness, a center where one can learn about the raw food diet or take part in cleansing programs. Co-owner Anna Forkan calls the cafe’s offerings “raw fast food’’: salads, sandwiches, smoothies, and desserts. “We wanted it to be inexpensive and fast,’’ she says. “Our goal is to have everything under $15.’’

Smoothies may be the raw diet’s gateway food. Revitalive Cafe is located in a mall. “All the business owners were coming in every day and getting smoothies and losing weight,’’ Forkan says. “They start feeling better, then they get curious, then they might want to take a class. It’s a cool mix. We get a lot of people from the wellness center who we’ve been working with, vegans who know they have to seek out places to eat, and then just random, everyday people.’’

There’s enough interest to support two raw food restaurants in Newburyport. When Alissa Cohen opened Grezzo in Boston’s North End two years ago, some wondered whether it could survive in a neighborhood known for pasta and pizza. It did, and Cohen opened a second branch in the North Shore city in October. Where Revitalive is quick and casual, Grezzo offers more upscale dining. There’s also a bar for smoothies and juices.

“I think it’s just getting more popular,’’ Cohen says of the raw food diet. “There are a ton of books out. Movie stars are doing it. Twenty years ago, when you said ‘vegetarian,’ people thought you were crazy. Now it’s totally mainstream. That’s what’s happening with raw food.’’

Robert (a.k.a. “Rawbert’’) Reid concurs. He opened the Organic Garden Cafe, a raw and vegan restaurant in Beverly, 10 years ago. At the time, he was a bit of a pioneer.

“When we opened there were only four other raw food and vegan restaurants’’ in the country, he says. “A couple of years ago, I counted 50 to 100. It’s hitting critical mass. Everyone I know who transitions to a fairly high amount of organic, raw foods experiences a dramatic increase in energy and relief from whatever symptoms they’re dealing with. It spoke to me as not being a business venture but a necessity. I knew it had to be the wave of future.’’

This new crop of restaurants effectively doubles the number of meatless establishments in the area. Other longtime restaurants include Grasshopper in Allston (vegan), Life Alive in Lowell (vegetarian with a raw bent), Masao’s Kitchen in Waltham (vegan and macrobiotic), and Veggie Planet in Cambridge (vegetarian).

It may not be long before there are more. Life Alive is looking for space in Central Square, Cambridge. Wells says Prana intends to open cafes near its Cambridge and Winchester studios, as well as an additional yoga studio/cafe. Clover Food Lab, a truck serving vegetarian fare, will open a brick-and-mortar shop soon. And Reid hopes to open a second branch in Porter Square. His goal is May. “I’ve been telling people for the last six years that I’m opening in Cambridge,’’ he says. “I really do intend to in 2010.’’

Welcome to Boston, health food mecca.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Today is a very special day for someone very close to me :)

It marks 4 years to the day of doing the right thing and taking everything 1 day at a time.

Just as he is thankful for all of those who support him in his journey, I am forever thankful for having him in my life



January 5, 2010
Revealing Your True Self
Essential Authenticity

Identity is an elusive concept. We feel we must define ourselves using a relatively small selection of roles and conscious character traits, even if none accurately represents our notion of “self.” The confusion surrounding our true natures is further compounded by the fact that society regularly asks us to suppress so much of our emotional, intellectual, and spiritual vibrancy. Yet we are, in truth, beings of light—pure energy inhabiting physical bodies, striving for enlightenment while living earthly lives. Our true selves exist whether we acknowledge them or not, often buried under fears and learned behavior. When we recognize our power, our luminosity, and our divinity, we cannot help but live authentic lives of appreciation, potential, fulfillment, and grace.

At birth and throughout your childhood, your thoughts and feelings were more than likely expressions of your true self. Though you may have learned quickly that to speak and act in a certain fashion would win others’ approval, you understood innately that you were no ordinary being. There are many ways you can recapture the authenticity you once articulated so freely. Meditation can liberate you from the bonds of those earthly customs that compel you to downplay your uniqueness. Also, communing with nature can remind you of the special role you were meant to play in this lifetime. In order to realize your purpose, you must embrace your true self by letting your light shine forth, no matter the consequences.

Rediscovering who you are apart from your roles and traits takes time and also courage. If, like many, you have denied your authenticity for a long while, you may find it difficult to separate your true identity from the identity you have created to cope with the world around you. Once you do find this authentic self, however, you will be overcome by a wonderful sense of wholeness as you reconcile your spiritual aspect and your physical aspect, as well as your inner- and outer-world personas. As you gradually adjust to this developing unity, your role as a being of light will reveal itself to you, and you will discover that you have a marvelous destiny to fulfill.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Figure Competition Update

Many things have changed since I signed myself up for this competition in June. One such thing is the fact that I have a workout schedule that I have to stick to!
Monday's I do this, Wednesday's I rest Thursdays its that and Sunday its this.
What happens when Monday doesn't happen and your days are all backed up?
I found out this week :0

I also have to go to a "regular" gym for my workouts nowadays. I don't always know the hours of operation especially on the weekends! I have had a lot on my mind and have been spending my spare time in my bed. After work on Saturday I just couldn't get motivated. When I finally made it to the gym, I only had time to complete my first two super sets before they kicked me out!
Now if you didn't know/couldn't tell, I have a type A personality....what was I going to do?!?!?! I still had 3 sets of eccentric chin ups and dips to do.

I am a firm believer in the fact that a little laughter goes a long way. I hope you can laugh along with me here

It's a family affair

Grady man already can't keep his hands off the bells!

Momma Emily and her sister working hard at the end of their workout :)

Bringing in the New Year Right :)

courtesy of my new Christmas present :0

As many of you know, it has become a tradition of mine to practice yoga on New Year's Eve. Spending time with friends in a warm environment, singing, moving, breathing and waking up without a hangover are all awesome benefits of this choice I have made. 2010 has great things in store for all of us!

Stacey's Favorite Fitness Tools: