Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Is your present plan taking your future into account?

Throughout my experience as a trainer I have worked with a variety of clientele.  They have always been “regular people “ but I have run the gamete.
I started in downtown Boston with busy office types.  Here I tried my best to undo what these workaholics did day in and day out.
Then I went on to kettlebell specific training.  Here I had a following of former athletes and more of the “hardcore” workout type.
After this I worked in a more corrective atmosphere, this consisted of teaching people how to move better and get the most out of what they could do when they worked out.
Now out on my own, I run my business out of the largest yoga studio in Boston.  These people are already as mobile as can be, oftentimes to a fault. I teach them that getting stronger and more stable is only going to improve their bottom line.
Strength and proper nutrition have always been my common thread amongst the years.  I have experienced training atmospheres that couldn’t be more different and have been able to take what I love about each of them to create my own program.

The following question is something I ask myself and all my clients…
Are your current training and nutrition goals/programs going to work for you presently as well as in the future?

What is the point of a being able to do this

Or this

When by the age of 60 you aren’t able to enjoy everyday activities without pain?
The same applies to the way that you eat.
Are you living life so restricted that you cannot even enjoy fruit?
Or are you fueling your body with processed carbohydrates day in and day out?
Again two extremes.
My point is its all possible, it also means that you have to be ALL IN :)
It’s not about moderation or limiting your experiences when it comes to fitness or food. It’s about training smart and looking at your ultimate goal in a healthy way.


  1. Well said, great blog Stacey!

  2. I agree. I often tell women who ask me how I lost so much weight (and have found my best body ever post-babies!) that it's not about an overnight change...it's about educating yourself AND making continual small changes so that you truly BELIEVE in WHY you're doing what you're doing. That's what makes it stick. That's what makes this is a lifestyle and not a diet. I hate diets. ;)

  3. Trust me you need to read this !


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