Sunday, January 8, 2012

Training the Trainer Part 1

It's funny how when you are trainer you sometimes end up training everyone but yourself.
When you get busy enough as we all do, it sometimes takes all the motivation we have to get our own training in.

I watched it happen to myself. When I was competing I would work a 10 hour day that started by waking up at 4:45am, then drag my ass to the gym.  Luckily I had a great coach who wrote my programs. We would talk over the phone to discuss goals, I'd send photos of my physical progress. I didn't have to worry about my programming, just getting myself to the gym to train.
Once I was done competing and healthy again, I had different goals. I wanted to work on getting strong again. Or perhaps strong for the first time as I am coming to learn :)

Most facilities in the area are big box gyms that don't exactly encourage anything I want to do.  Since I spend most of my time in the city and have strange off hours I did some research and discovered TPS... Total Performance Sports in Everett.  
It has everything I could ever want. Kettlebells, more than make that 4 squat racks, turf with prowlers, suspension trainers, safety bars, dead-lifting platforms, plyo boxes over 12 inches, heavy medballs, free weights, bands, tons of foam rollers, a huge group exercise studio with battling ropes.... even boxing and yoga!
I am one of those people who makes a concerted effort to get what I want. I wanted to earn a living doing what I love. I also want to be able to spend my off hours doing online programming, cooking my own meals and spending the money I earn on things that make my life worth while.
To some people that means buying expensive jewelry or a new pair of stilettos every other week; going out for thrice weekly dinner and drinks with friends.
For me it was hiring a personal trainer of my own.
It's been so exciting for me I can't even explain it. 


  1. Hey Stacey, if I remember correctly they were putting together a DVD of a training program for the Firefighter Combat Challenge. Looked great then it disappeared. Sounds great, have fun!

  2. Great Article! Well said and awesome to see you so happy! :)

  3. Thanks for loving us Stacey. We love you too.
    In response to the FFCC DVD, we did a little market research and decided it would not sell enough to cover the production costs.
    We were hiring a full crew to do the shoot, not just a quickie with a digital camcorder.


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