Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Ready to be INSPIRED?

Over the past few years I have learned SO much about how what you eat makes you feel. 
Food affects your MOOD. 
Food is FUEL. 

Ready to be inspired?

Here’s a story for you...

Hi Stacey, 
Stumbled upon you on Yelp today, and am wondering if you could provide me with info on pricing for group training? By way of background, I'm 31, ~180 lbs. Lost about 50 lbs a few years ago w/weight watchers and tennis, and have kept it off, and am looking to drop the remaining. 
Thank you!
Back in July I began an adventure with a new client.  Per the usual I had her log three days of food, two weekdays and one weekend day.  This means everything that goes in her mouth  and how she feels 30 minutes-1 hr later.  I do this to get a handle on how individuals tolerate and react to certain nutrients, specifically carbohydrates and proteins.

Hi Stacey,
In preparation for our meeting tomorrow, I wanted to send you the food diary and thoughts you've asked me for.
Food - I've been writing down what I eat each day since Friday. Today's food is most typical of a day of eating; the weekend for some reason was very a-typical. I tend to rarely eat meat (I keep kosher and buying meat is a pain), so generally fish, dairy if I have to, limited bread/grains, veggies, fruit. 

Goals - I'm currently at 180 even. My goal is to finish losing the weight I put on. I suspect 125 or so is going to be a good weight for me, although we can reassess, as we get closer. From a personal perspective, it's important to me for 2 reasons:
  • Overall health - my mother died of a heart attack when she was 31 (I am 31), and while I have lost a lot of the weight I put on post-college, I can do better. I suspect my high cholesterol will come down with this as well. 
  • Professional/Personal - as a very public CEO and someone actively dating, I don't want to let anything ruin an opportunity, no matter what that opportunity is. I should be able to present my best face forward, and that includes physically. Nothing should prevent opportunity. 
Hope this helps to set the stage for tomorrow!
What always blows my mind is how people can be so successful and driven in their careers but forget to take care of themselves?!?!  Needless to say Liz really peaked my interest.  

As someone who had lost weight in the past, Liz explained to me that she knew this would take time, patience and a lot of effort.  In previous weight loss experiences Liz had used Weight Watchers in combination with thrice weekly tennis playing to drop the weight. I remember in one of our initial conversations she asked me what I wanted her to do as far as join another gym, walk elliptical, yoga...  I said "I want you to just listen to me."  

LESS IS MORE especially while we are establishing alignment and teaching your body  how to move more efficiently. 

First I put together some basic food guidelines that fit with her kosher lifestyle. We also strategized to prepare for business travel and maybe just maybe some LOLLAPALOOZA ;)  She is eating REAL FOOD FOLKS! 

After our one on one training had established a nice foundation of strength Liz was put in a small group and was encouraged to come to my CORE STRENGTH and CONDITIONING CLASS.  Thus creating a 3-day strength split. 

Before my eyes Liz became the incredible shrinking woman :)  Because of her lifting she gained great shape while she lost weight and got FUCKING STRONG at the same time!  She came to me expressing some fear because she had never dropped weight this steadily and it was challenging to feel comfortable in her new body.  Throughout our time together Liz and I have become close friends.  She is someone I greatly respect because of her dedication, hard work and commitment TO HERSELF and most of all her HEALTH. 

Check out Liz's PROGRESS: 


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