Friday, November 20, 2009


and I mean it in the best way possible ;)

Vacations are amazing! For the first time ever, I truly relaxed and did all the things I love.

Read brainless magazines :) Kept up with my yoga practice, swam, went on adventures in the JEEP, snorkeled, ate amazing food, played BINGO in the pool and WON TWICE :) drank quite a few yummy drinks, spent a ton of quality time with you know who ;) kept up with my workouts with the help of the versus hell I even won me some $$

There is no reason your vacation has to come as a sacrifice to you workouts! After all you train hard at home, why go away and lose all of your progress. All you need is 20-40min the majority of the days that you are away and you can maintain all the progress you have worked so hard to gain!

Down the main hotel strip in Aruba is an outdoor "playground" of sorts for adults. I brought my versus and simply attached it to the monkey bars. I maintained my range of motion and got great strength and metabolic workouts in all while catching some rays and Vitamin D :)))) It doesn't get better than that! Oh and I trained a few interested passerbys as well, HEY MAUREEN HEY MARK!!!!!!!

As I had mentioned in an earlier post, I have decided to take part in my first FIGURE COMPETITION in the Spring. My commitment will officially start after Thanksgiving but I wanted to ease myself into things. I packed my protein powder and used it after every workout. JT and I went the grocery store and got fresh fruits and nuts along with tons of water for the beach. For lunch I had either fresh fish or chicken on top of a salad. Obviously had a few drinks most days and ate whatever I wanted for dinner.
That is NOT that hard!


  1. Looks like you guys had a great vacation!! Judging from that yoga pic you're already off to a good start for that figure comp. Um, scary monkeys!!!

  2. Are you the "Monkey in the middle"?


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