Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Weeks 4 and 5

Many of you have been asking how my training is going for my Figure Competition. I'm glad I took a few weeks to let you guys know ;)

As you know I am following a program designed specifically for me by "Coach Nick" Tumminello. As he likes to say an unbalanced body, needs an unbalanced program.
Before photos were taking in my BATHING SUIT in my LIVING ROOM by Shan (THANK GOSH) Nick evaluated my physique and we talked about things that needed to change from my start date so that I could walk on stage with a fighting chance ;)

Being a trainer myself I can write programs for clients, but I always seem to change my own program! I thought it would be best if I invested in an outside, non-bias professional.

Mike Boyle says that "anyone who trains themselves has a fool for a client"

For the first two weeks I weight trained 5 days a week in a split routine. No "cardiovascular work". This was known as my "BREAK-IN" program. In other words, these two weeks were designed to see what I could handle and how my body responded to the programming. Foolishly I continued doing Yoga 3 days a week and my left shoulder ended up bothering me.
If only I could have just listened to the routine EXACTLY. (Luckily I have a team of SMART and AMAZING people to help fix my shoulder)

The upside is, I ALWAYS learn from my mistakes so that my clients do not make the same ones. Kevin and I always say that WE have made all the mistakes so that our clients can reap the benefits without those aggravations ( we are so thoughtful ;) I feel that the best teachers are those who have experienced an injury first hand, how are you supposed to help someone when you don't know what they are going through?!?!

Any who. The break- in weeks went well, but I was SCARED when I would finish my Wednesday workout in 30 minutes! I would be LYING THROUGH MY TEETH if I said that I went along with the program with no second thoughts (there were a few days I asked why the F am I doing this?)

After the first 2 weeks, I have started on my 5 week HYPERTROPHY increase of the size of muscle cells PHASE. I am lifting 4 days a week with an undulating training scheme upper body lower body split. I am still doing no cardio. I have 3 days off from lifting, Saturday is my complete day of rest and Wednesday and Sunday are "cross training" days. My cross training is yoga, since I am in my teacher training :)

I can see a huge change in my body already. Before embarking on this journey I felt as though I had a body that would respond well to this type of training, and I am pleased to say...I was right :) I am learning so much as a trainer and a client in just these first few weeks YIPPPEEEEE

Every week Nick and I will communicate via email or telephone, we have discussed supplementation, progressions, nutrition, you name it!

I have a question...he has an answer.

He will also direct me to articles that he thinks I would benefit from reading :) Just like I do for YOU!

interesting article :)

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