Tuesday, June 22, 2010

How it all went down

As you can see, nothing happens overnight.  
People have asked me time and time again why I chose to do a Figure Competition...

  • I LOVE LIFTING HEAVY and being challenged.
  • I wanted a concrete goal with a specific date.
  • I have a lot of food allergies (thus a restricted diet) so I felt I might as well dabble in restricting it further and see some results.
  • I put clients on nutrition plans all the time, never having actually been on a hardcore one myself...how can I  pretend to know what they are going through?
  • Confidence has never been my strong suit, being able to get up in front of strangers half naked...well I think you have to be somewhat confident to do that ;)
  • I love dressing up on occasion, so why not dress up in a suit that costs as much as a wedding dress and pretend to be Barbie for the day!

In November of last year I was strong and in good shape. I could do sets of 6 body weight pull ups, clean and press a 24 KG kettlebell and Turkish Get Up a 36 KG (yes I mean KG) bell.  I weighed in at 131 lbs.  The first 3 1/2 months of training I did not diet.  I was trying to put on mass so that when I leaned out there would actually be muscle there :)  For females, this in itself can be challenging.  I admit, I didn't love putting on weight but I had to have faith in the process.
As a personal trainer myself I loved reading Coach Nick Tumminello's work and decided to give him a call to see if he would take me on as a long distance client.  I loved how he kept his Figure Girls functional and trained them like the athletes they are.  For the first time in my life I was establishing a REAL STRENGTH TRAINING FOUNDATION :) I trained 5-6 days a week Upper Body Lower Body Splits and NO CARDIO.  My weight went up by about 5 lbs due to Nick's program design alone! Next time around I will definitely start my nutrition earlier to aid in putting on good mass.

It was not the smoothest of sailing when I started my nutrition. To make a long story short, it turned out that meat was not going to work for me.  BONNIE LEFRAK worked tirelessly to create a plan that would work for me! We played around with legumes and beans and fish until finally we found a solution.  Bonnie is a PRO, she f*cking knows what she is doing and once you have gone through her program there's no denying it :))))

I have never met Coach Nick Tumminello and I have met Bonnie once before my training started...pretty crazy eh!  Anything is possible!

I kept the fact that I was doing a second show this past weekend a little on the DL.   But I wanted to let you all know that thanks to my team of supporters I placed first in OPEN FIGURE MEDIUM and went on to be the INBF OVERALL FIGURE WINNER at Fulton's Fitness Pro Qualifier.


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