Thursday, June 24, 2010

Back to Yoga

Now that I have my life back and have gotten over eating various peanut butter flavors for breakfast lunch and dinner I have come back to the little things I have missed SO MUCH these past several months.

While cleaning my apartment I knocked over both my door hangers that say "GONE TO YOGA" and "NAMASTE" NUMEROUS TIMES...I figured this was a clearly a sign so I went to see David at SOBOYO even though I clearly still look like an

 I also watered and rearranged my deck flowers, grilled some YUMMY veggies and slow cooked some kick ass chili. AHHHHH  I am back.

Here's a little peak at my freestyle yoga flow after a hardcore leg day.  I would NEVER strength train without yoga and I would NEVER practice yoga without strength training.

We know how I won't be caught dead without a headband at work or working out, so Suzannah the creator of FRESH KARAT was awesome and sent me some new samples of her headbands.  I LOVE this one :)

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  1. Beautiful yoga flow Stacey! I hope your orange flesh eating skin disease goes away quick ;P


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