Friday, October 15, 2010

The Best Damn Cardio Article - Period

You are the ones I see filling the countless elliptical machines each time I am at the gym!
GUYS you are getting to be a close second!



The Best Damn Cardio Article - Period

If you didn't know for sure, yes I am competing again.
This time around has proved even more challenging than before.  The ups and downs of training for shows, whether it be bodybuilding, figure or bikini are difficult if not impossible for outsiders to understand.
Those of us who get on stage don't just blink an eye to look like that on show day... TRUST ME

Anyone who knows me, knows I HATE CARDIO.

I no longer use running as my "head time"
I don't like watching television or reading magazines while doing the "C" word

Having to burn some extra calories for the upcoming show I have added in some walking.
Yeah it doesn't sound hardcore does it?

It has proved to be a blessing in disguise.

I have realized that I don't get outside half as much I would like to with my busy schedule, and its not like I have a puppy to walk or kids to take to the playground.

These early morning walks have opened my eyes again to the beauty that is ALWAYS right outside and reminded me to be thankful for these little gifts.


  1. That is the most important part of life. Too many of us jump here and there throughout our day and don't realize our immediate world.

    I am glad that you see the value of the small things. That makes our life so much fuller.Keep on truckin'!!

  2. I agree Stacey - I totally miss my morning walks through boston before work. Like Angus said, keep on trucking! xo

    ps - pretty photos!!! Love this one!

  3. Well said... xoxox
    enjoy your time with you (and the beauty of the universe) .....

    keep up the good work you are AMAZING.

    ps i still have my headband on XOXO


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