Wednesday, November 10, 2010

When life hands you Lemons make Lemonade

I'm baaaackkkkk.

It's been a long bumpy ride since competing in my first 2 shows in June.  
But here we are in November :0

When I earned my Pro Card in June, my intent was to EAT and TRAIN HARD to put on size for my first PRO SHOW in November.  
The judges said I had great stage presence and symmetry but that I needed to put on size in my shoulders and my legs and increase muscle overall. 
With the help of Bonnie LeFrak and Coach Nick Tumminello I was well on my way!  

Well heavy squats,  sled work, sprints, dead lifts, and leg extensions got the best of MY KNEES.
AARON BROOKS came to the rescue with his CORRECTIVE GENIUS and I experimented with leg days comprised of entirely posterior chain dominant exercises.
I gradually began biking and added in walks to get in some extra cardio.

BUT I wasn't out of the clear yet

3 weeks ago I received the news that I would be unable to compete in Figure at the WNBF Worlds.  I was heartbroken.  I was told I could not take part in Worlds as a PRO or an Amateur.

Instead of ditching my diet and quitting altogether I used my support system of JT, my parents, Jenn Finn, and Kevin McCarthy to come to a sound decision.  I would stick it out and compete in Bikini/ Best Body and Fitbody.

That Saturday night I ate an entire jar of 

And Sunday I climbed back on the wagon.

This past weekend I competed in the Monster Mash in Bikini and Fitbody, as practice for Best Body and Fitbody in NYC this coming weekend.

I was seriously TINY compared to the FITBODY LADIES and didn't even place in the top 5 but I took home the Bikini Tall and Bikini Overall Title ;)

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  1. I love your positive outlook! And that you didn't quit and play the role of a victim and get the 'poor me' syndrome. Which is not you at all. You are a very smart, driven, competitive athelete and you never give up. And it meant you competiting in two entirely new categories basically. Not easy and well outside your comfort zone. And you did it! Nice win last weekend, looking forward to Worlds in NY. :)) Ohhh almost forgot....when life hands you lemons, go buy LuLu Lemon! hahaha ;-) ~ JT


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