Tuesday, April 19, 2011

We are LIVE folks :))))))

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The past few months have been spent thinking about what really makes me happy and what I want for myself in the future.
Instead of spending the winter season stuck inside a conventional gym evaluating my body in the mirror, I chose to try out snowboarding :0

My first lesson was from NONE OTHER than my POPS!

Yeah he's gonna be 58 this year :) and he can rip it up!
 My cousin Danny, Uncle Billy, my Daddio and I all drove up to the mountain together.

I had sooo much fun falling on my ass, and not knowing what the f*ck I was doing!
So much fun in fact that just 2 weeks later I bought my own board :0

For the first time I was able to truly get "out of my head" and I actually enjoyed the New England winter.
Snowboarding turned into a new release, a place I could feel calm and alive surrounded by beautiful mountains on the skyline.
This year I actually appreciated the snow, instead of just shoveling it.

I am thankful for this introduction to snowboarding.
Kevin (another snowboarding newbie) and I explored practically EVERY mountain this winter!
I got to spend quality time with family!
Be active outside in the winter!
And best of all meet awesome new people!

What could be better than that!?!

This whole positive snowboarding experience exploded onto other areas of my life as well :)

I realized my love for teaching people the MANY ASPECTS OF HEALTH.

Not just strength, not just yoga, not just proper nutrition but all the components that together create happiness!

My idea of fitness is so much more than just a workout.

And this is the message I hope to spread through my training.

Check me out let me know your thoughts :)

A ton of hours and hard work went into making this site!
My talented friend and client Jessica McDougall's work is displayed here...she rocks and I know you all will agree :))))))))


  1. Awesome site! As beautiful and as interesting as you.

  2. Love the blog posts and your website www.staceyschaedler.com is AWESOME!!! Jess did an amazing job!! ~JT

  3. Great new site!! Great job Jess!!


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