Sunday, April 3, 2011

“You’re going somewhere, but I’ve been to somewhere, and I found it was nowhere at all.”
-Scott Abel

This guy is one person in this industry who isn't afraid to talk about the darker side of what can happen when you compete. 
Make sure you understand that I am not saying this happens to every girl who steps on stage but it DID happen to me and it happened to the EXTREME. 

I have come to find that this phenomenon that I am opening up about has to happen to you for you to understand its impact to the fullest.

Take me one year ago, a twenty something athletic woman who was HEALTHY, ACTIVE and HAPPY.  I had quite a few food allergies and thus a restricted diet. I also loved to lift heavy so I decided that a Figure Competition would be a great goal.  Those around me encouraged me, and all I heard was positive things. I gathered that it would be a challenge, but Stacey Schaedler loves a fucking challenge.

4 walks on the stage later.

I am a twenty something who has discovered that competing wasn't what she thought it would be.
Despite winning several shows and a PRO CARD, the figure world is far from what I dreamt it would be. I found myself fighting my body, having no energy or luster for anything.  Never feeling that my body looked good enough, and worrying mostly that I was going to disappoint others by following my gut and throwing in the towel to the Figure World.

For those of you who don't know, I am and have been a personal trainer since college.  I also have a passion for yoga.  I love helping people! Whether it be moving better, eating better, or preparing people to the fullest for any challenge they want to undertake, 

A few months ago all of those desires and qualities I possessed felt as though they had been ripped away from me.  Suddenly I found myself self-conscious, constantly fixated on what others must be thinking of me, because I hated my body so much.  I even considered being done with the fitness industry as a whole.  

I can't say enough about my family, close friends, coaches and yoga community. Without them and the courage to admit something needed to change, I wouldn't be sharing these feelings. 

Deep down I felt I needed to get back in touch with who I really was.  Not simply the superficial layer I was displaying on stage.  
In order to do this, I backed away from my strict gym routine and got back into restorative yoga and meditation 
I fed my body the healthy food it needed.I slept more.I danced, and tried my best to change the negative way I felt about my body.
It is now 4 months post show I am happy to say that Stacey Veronica Schaedler is making a comeback :)
I am thankful for this experience because it has made me realize what is important in life. 
It also made me see all of the gifts and skills that I do in fact possess, that perhaps before I 
dismissed or simply could not see.
Sounds corny I know.  But its SO TRUE.


  1. Sad to hear that you had to suffer so much, but sometimes that is the only way that you can discover what truly matters and what is important to you.

    Welcome back. Little scared about what we are in for!!

  2. Been there, done that and will never compete again. LOVE Scott Abel.

  3. "It is often during our toughest times that we grow the most" :) Couldn't be more proud of you in any and every way. Keep up the great work. JT


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