Thursday, October 27, 2011

A state of confusion

When I actually have the time to think about it, its PRETTY FREAKING CRAZY how much health and fitness professionals have going against them BEFORE they even MEET with a potential client!

As a trainer I have come far enough to know that no two people are going to see equal success on the same training program.  Why would I assume that nutrition would be any different?

Sure there are countless ways to eat that have become popular over the years
Lets see
Vegan, Vegetarian, Raw, Macrobiotic, Paleo
South Beach, Atkins... ah the cookie diet
Dr. Siegal's Cookie Diet
you see the list goes on.

Oh and then there are the fitness fads

losing 7 lbs in 7 days with the ab chair,
toned sexy legs with a pair of shoes
100's of repetitions with light weights to get "toned"

WHAT THE  ****!

No wonder everyone is so confused!  We need to first worry about our HEALTH and then worry about weight loss.

What is the point of having a bangin body when you feel miserable all the time?
In the past year I have found myself on opposite sides of the spectrum. Throughout this journey I have learned invaluable lessons that help me be a better coach and trainer. 

What is your health potential? Are you still looking to get to some "goal weight" or are you looking to protect yourself from cancer and help prevent disease?  You can do BOTH, it just might take a little bit longer for the later!

The secret is there is no quick fix. Nutrition takes time, preparation and PATIENCE. A solid training program requires consistency and EFFORT.

This may seem odd coming from a trainer but here is my
Get your nutrition under control, then worry about training.


  1. So true, but people would rather look for a magic pill or trendy diet than put in the time and effort requited to make changes. Great post.


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