Friday, November 4, 2011

Food and Relationships

Now folks I’m not talking about your relationship with food.  I am talking about how your partner’s habits influence what you eat.  Not even necessarily your partner, the same can hold true with your family, your roommates, or even your co -workers!

Most people with “normal “ jobs have Saturday and Sunday off….correct? People still feel that cheating or splurging the entire weekend is fine. Year after year, I see my female clients start to get serious with their boyfriends…they move in together and the next thing I know, they have fallen into the eating habits of their significant other. This happens with both MALES AND FEMALES! I just happen to train a shitload of ladies.
Gaining weight, feeling tired and unmotivated is not easy on anyone’s self esteem no matter how much somebody loves you.  It’s all about you loving you :) And we know the fundamental difference between males and females hahahaahh

With the change of season I cannot tell you how many of my clients are coming to me complaining about how HORRIBLE they feel after their weekends of “falling off”.  Whether it be, too much wine, too many meals out of the house or too many shitty snacks while watching Sunday football. They come to me self loathing, unmotivated and BLOATED!

To me, poor nutrition is a deal breaker.  If you don’t care enough about what you chose to fuel your body with, you order out every night, or beer is considered an entire food group to you…
I am not the girl for you.

Some may say I am basing this on vanity.  The truth is I bust my ass training so that I can feel good mentally and physically.  I eat healthy because it makes me happy. But I also take care of myself out of respect to my partner!  You had better believe that if they’re the one I’m going to be getting naked with for the rest of my life they had better like what they see :D  They had also better be around when our kids are growing up, and not go croaking on me because they didn’t take care of themselves!!!

Now I have never lived with a guy, granted I have spent 99% of every waking day for years at their apartment, but I have NEVER lost my own kitchen.  I have never been without the luxury of “returning to my comfort zone.”
I also do not have children. 
The fact of the matter is most of us don’t have the greatest will power to not eat the things that are in our kitchen cabinets.  If we can establish better nutritional habits as a team there is no denying that we can be a happier healthier couple and family for the years to come!
I love it when I see younger couples venturing out together to support each other on the road to healthier living :)  Whether they are running together,  hitting up the gym at the same time; or taking active vacations to ski and snowboard …I dig it.
I find however that the nutritional portion of the lifestyle change is much more prevalent with people of my parents generation.  Whether it was a health scare or just aging in general many couples in their 50’s and 60’s successfully improve their nutrition TOGETHER and inadvertently they strengthen their union as well.

Don’t be afraid to sit down with your partner and have an honest conversation.  If something matters to you speak up and let your voice be heard.
And together take baby steps towards being more nutritionally responsible ;)
And if you like, next post I'll help you with some baby steps!

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