Tuesday, June 12, 2012


I strength train three days a week and yet I continue to gain strength and skill. 
Yes and you can too :) 
I have gotten to a point in my life that I don't want to spend more time in the gym then I need to. 
I need time to run a successful business, keep up with life, as well as spend with family and friends, and its SUMMERTIME :) 
In the past I have been guilty of losing sight of all that is important to me in order to pursue my goals. 
I have said this before and I will say it again...you can have it all.

Most of you now as a trainer myself, with a specialty in strength training with kettlebells, suspension trainers,body weight exercises, along with a focus on corrective exercise.  I run my business within the largest yoga studio in Boston.  I don't train athletes, I work with everyday folks looking to gain stability, get stronger and stay pain free. 
I do however continue to have my own strength goals to keep me learning and motivated rather than stagnant  because in this industry your job is never done :)  I don't believe in "talking the talk" if you yourself don't "walk the walk".  Therefore when I post videos of myself, this is not a direct reflection of what I would do with my clients.

As promised here's my biweekly update on training ;)
As usual my workout begins with 10-15 minutes of SMFR; focusing my attention on areas that I know will need to be open on that given training day. I then move into mobility and stability exercises that target my weaknesses ie ankle, hip and thoracic mobility as well as glute and scapular stability. I prepare for traditional deadlifts with medball slam and box jump variations.
A1:Deadlifts 205X 8 with 60 sec rest
A2:I usually do some sort of hip mobility drill to ensure I rest for the given time period.
B1: Pullups 4x6,
 B2: GHR 4x10 (banded and UGLY)
C1: Bent over rows 5 x8 @ 105lbs
C2: Single leg hip thrusts with chains 4x6,
 D1:GHR sit up3x 10 @ 45lbs,
D2: Prone Trap Raises 3x10@ 5lbs

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