Sunday, February 2, 2014

Can I benefit from hiring a personal trainer?

Truth is I think that anyone and EVERYONE can benefit from having some sort of exercise guidance in their life no matter how large or small. 
In case you have been living under a rock these past few years 
ONLINE and SMALL GROUP TRAINING have taken center stage for two major reasons. 
They are affordable and personalized.  
 Major win-wins!

For those of you who have internal motivation and simply need help making your strength training progressive and smart, online training is perfect for you! Are you looking to get nutritional advice as well? Remember if fat loss/ strength gain are part of your goals then nutrition is key! Pricing can range from $85-$200/ month-6 weeks depending on what you are trying to accomplish. 

Are you a total newbie to strength training and looking to get stronger without hurting yourself?!  
Have a nagging injury that always seems to flare up when you start to make progress?  
Small group training is perfect for you!  Quality small group trainers screen clients separately and develop individualized programs. These small groups enable a great rate per session since clients are sharing the cost with up to 4 people.

Whether online or in person, trainers are trained to see the BIGGER picture. They are the ones creating the master plan.  Success doesn’t come overnight, proper progression and scheduling of the weeks activities by someone else can save quite a bit of space in your brain when you leave it up to the expert. 
Motivation is one thing…having an actual progressive plan is quite another.

Not yet ready to take the plunge to online training or small group training?!!
  • Break your routines into 4-6 week blocks. 
  • Strength train 3 days per week + interval train 1-2 days per week+ 1-2 days mobility/flexibility work. 
  • Be realistic with your goals and know that most goals take much longer than just one 6 week commitment.  
  • Be specific with your goals and make them predominately strength dominant and tangible.(Wanting to complete a bodyweight chin up is much more tangible and programmable than wanting to be a size 2.)

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