Sunday, February 28, 2010


not Perfection ;)

Pictures are such an amazing way to track progress. Clothes and measurements are good, but nothing can track progress like pictures. You can weigh yourself, track body composition, but its the photos that tie it all together.
They allow you to pinpoint exactly what is changing!

Preparing for your first show is complicated. You have to gain muscle + weight and have faith in the process. There is an end goal in mind. It is all preparation for that day on stage. THAT ONE DAY.
It is not like you go through each and everyday thinking that your body looks great...BECAUSE IT DOESN'T. It's changing and growing and shifting.

As my boobs get smaller and my arms get bigger, sometimes I ask myself "why am I doing this again?" Because its a CHALLENGE, a goal, an experience, a process.

I LOVE BEING STRONG, its just something that I have always taken pride in. Seeing my strength gains helps me get through tough training days.

Pics from November and then from February, see anything different?!?!?

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