Wednesday, February 17, 2010


is getting it done!
I have been a student here for over almost 2 years. I have watched the studio grow and expand, and most nights it is BURSTING AT THE SEAMS!
I can't explain how the place and the people have changed my life for the better :)

For the month of February South Boston Yoga is offering 2 free classes each week.
RESTORATIVE** with Sara on Wednesday night at 7:30p
ALL LEVELS*** with Dorian Thursday night at 7:30pm.

Who can turn down a FREE class ?!?!?!?

**Using bolsters, blankets, blocks and straps this soothing class supports a gentle body opening and a calm and meditative mind. Sessions include some breathing exersizes, deep relaxation and a nourishing sequence of supported postures to guide the body to a place of rejuvenation and centering. Great addition to a more vigorous practice or to rehabilitate from injury.

***Hatha/Vinyasa led yoga class. These classes are open to a wide range of practitioners, aimed towards a moderately vigorous level with modifications given for both beginning and more advanced students.


In addition to the free classes, Sunday evenings at 5:00pm are Community Classes for $5
Trust me when I say Community Classes are rocking, since it is the 2009/2010 Body Awakening Teacher Trainees that teach em!

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