Tuesday, April 20, 2010

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is Your Mirror Trying to Tell You Something?

How many of you have looked at yourself in the mirror and thought my goodness is this what I have become. Many of our clients will say something along the lines that they do not want to end up looking like their 80-year-old mother. Or have to worry about all the health concerns that their parents are going through. My coworker read this article and thought I was being too harsh. Maybe but it is the truth and it is what we hear on a weekly basis so I thought why not tell it the way it is.

Your first step is to recognize that something is wrong which you have probably done already but haven’t taken responsibility yet. Or you will realize it once you finish reading this article. The next step is to do something about it. This is the hardest step. Too many Americans wait until a traumatic situation happens in their life before they take a proactive role in their well-being. For example a person has a heart attack. Even though they know they should have been exercising because of the fact that they had high cholesterol, were overweight and high blood pressure they didn’t. Once they have the heart attack they really don’t have an option; they have to start exercising or they might have another heart attach, stroke or worse, die. Another example is a person having their low back “go out” on them. They have to go see their physician because the pain is so severe. They knew something was wrong before their back went out because they kept getting twinges in their back. Their body was giving them warning signs for months. Instead of trying to figure out why they were having the twinges they ignored the irritations and simply took pills. You get the picture.
Do yourself and your family members a favor and take a good look at yourself in front of the mirror. The mirror can provide some serious insight in to your overall health. I can discuss many health areas but my main concern is with your posture. Posture is often times underestimated. Your posture is the sum of all of your parts. If one part is off it will affect all of the other parts. Posture is much more than your mom telling you to stand up tall or sit up straight. Faulty posture can affect your internal organ’s functions, your ability to heal properly, your confidence, your body awareness and can cause pain in your muscles and joints.
Now let’s take a look at your posture, with me as your guide.
First be sure to wear your undergarments or go naked. (In privacy)
Second, draw an imaginary line from in between your feet up through your skull. You should have two equal halves.
Finally, compare both sides and look for differences or imbalances.
Things to look at in the mirror
Are both your feet pointing straight ahead or is one foot angled out more than the other?
Is one foot placed in front of the other? Do not change them once you see they are off.
Is one kneecap pointing inward more than the other?
Is one kneecap pointing out more than the other?
Is one knee Knock kneed? How about bow legged?
Pelvis – this is a little trickier to look at. You have to have a good eye.
Is one side higher than the other? Does one pant leg hang lower than the other?
If you look down at your waistline does one side stick out more than the other?
Is your torso straight up or do you notice that you lean toward one side?
If you look down at your chest do you notice one side of the chest sticking out more than the other side?

Is one shoulder higher or lower than the other? If so recheck the torso to see if it is leaning to one side.
Is one shoulder rotated forward?
Is one hand turned in more than the other? In other words can you see the whole backside of your hand versus the other hand?
Is one hand hanging lower than the other?
Is one hand hanging in front of the other?
Head and neck
Is your head tilted to one side?
Is your neck flexed over to one side? Is the musculature of the neck the same size?
Is you head rotated toward one direction?
If you notice any of these postural deviations more than likely you are in some type of pain. If not you may be soon. If you are interested in living PAIN FREE check out our Pain Relief Program section at www.myoforce.net.
Or you can email me with any questions at stacey@myoforce.net
 At Myoforce we correct the misalignments and our clients’ pains magically disappear.

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