Friday, April 16, 2010


and the waist is a terrible thing to mind ;)

Thomas Myers courtesy of David Vendetti

                                            FRONT STANCE                

                                                BACK POSE

Most girls who compete in Figure Shows possess an athletic build and create the allusion of curves via posing or some with a little help from implants ;)
Now I completely understand why it's so prevalent in this SPORT. It is pretty much impossible to have breasts when you get competition lean!
I have been blessed (note the sarcasm here) with a swimmer's build, AKA I'm nice and straight, like a rectangle. Therefore my FRONT STANCE is my weakest pose.
With more of a strength training base to get my shoulders STACKED and my legs BIGGER I would be ok, but for this first show, I'm outta luck.
What can I say...fake it til ya make it ;)

I'll play on my strengths :)

Not gonna lie, this week has been rough.  Rough for sleep, rough for work, rough for my workouts.  I'M TIRED!

The past two days I LEGIT only went to the gym so that I could eat 16 rice crackers when I was done.  YIKES I think its a little early in this game for that nonsense.

My strength is constant its just taking more out of me to stay there.  But I can't take the heavy volume so that has definitely gone down.  I am very lucky that the diet is working for me now and I have no real "show weight" to get to, and there are no double sessions yet :)


  1. WOW!! What a difference from a few months ago!!

    Nice heels by the way!

  2. :))) thanks, this past week was rough keep up the encouragement!!!!!!

  3. embrace the lack of means you're lean! I am embracing that i don't fit in my bras anymore! :)

  4. Wonderful symmetry in your glutes, legs! Well done! Just wanted to compliment!


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