Tuesday, July 27, 2010

SUP Doc?

It's no surprise that the hobby I feel in love with last summer is rapidly making its way to the headlines on the east coast!

I love stand up paddle boarding simply because its BEAUTIFUL.  It's just you and the water.  Going out when the sun is rising is just so peaceful.
It is definitely a nice combination with those of us who LOVE YOGA because we tend to have great proprioception in our feet and ankles and thus take to the sport with ease.

I also LOVE SUP for my upper body cardio :) I am trying to put on size in my lats and shoulders and interval paddling definitely does the trick!

John Furey and Peter Sleight run Maui Standup Paddle Boarding all around Boston :)

I will soon be teaching lessons in Southie  who's in?!?!?

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  1. You're teaching SUP!! Yay!!!! Keep us posted on the details!


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