Monday, August 23, 2010

Eating Clean doesn't have to be boring

By now you have probably gotten sick of me saying how great my clients are.  As a trainer you spend A LOT of your time with your clients.  It is your job and focus to help others feel comfortable in their bodies, live a healthier life, introduce them to new experiences, as well as take them to fitness levels they never thought possible.  And for all of these reasons your clients are thankful!

The above photo is my Figure Girl lunch ;) with fresh ingredients from my client Abby's farm share!

4oz Cajun seasoned Cod, grilled asparagus and broccoli atop lettuce with Galeo's dressing
Roll up and enjoy like a wrap!
Add a side of mashed sweet potatoes topped with cinnamon and sea salt

When in competition mode,
Break into the spice rack, discover great combinations that make your meat and fish taste out of this world!!!! 
Drink lots of tea, there are a TON of amazing teas out there :0
Have fun on the grill, veggies taste SO MUCH better that way ;)

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