Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Nowadays in the fitness industry we are being bombarded with websites, emails and newsletters showcasing weight loss and body transformation via diet and exercise. It’s great I LOVE IT! 
The proof is in the photos, I say this time and time again!
Good maintainable weight loss and body transformations are going to occur over time, not overnight so keeping a photo diary is key.

Have you ever looked deeper into the before and after photos?
Take for instance the awesome Precision Nutrition Program.  Those before and afters are a postural specialists DREAM shots ;)
If you look beyond the weight loss and newly developed muscles you will see that most likely the deviations that appeared at 225lbs are still there when the client drops to a lean and mean 170lbs!
Yes you can transform a body with clean eating and progressive strength training. If you don’t address the structural deviations however, even the leanest strongest client is at risk for pain and or injury!
At my studio MYOFORCE,we get creative. 
We have countless clients with serious deviations; deviations so prominent that traditional strength training just doesn’t make sense.
Take for instance our client Isabel.
Isabel is your typical 13yr old girl. Loves to play soccer, ride her bike and just be active!
She also has a serious case of scoliosis. This left Isabel strapped to her brace 23 hrs a day 7 days a week for YEARS
Until she found MYOFORCE :)  
The following are her brace molds from 2009 and 2010.

Ok so it's a little different than your traditional before and after photos but these brace molds are significantly different :)  Thanks to creative corrective exercise sequencing Isabel is pain free and brace free :)
 A girl after my own heart ;)

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  1. Hi
    I have scoliosis as well. How can this help me?
    How much was her curve? mine is 29 degrees.


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