Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Working out versus Training

Courtesy of Coach Nick:

There's working out and there's training. 
Training is when you have a progressive plan with measurable goals and continual challenges. 
Working out is anything that makes you sweaty and tired but not necessarily bigger or stronger because it lacks consistency, direction and specificity.

Long time no see guys :)
I have been struggling a little lately with time and feelings and have not blogged as much as I would like to.  I will have a new computer soon so you will see more of me :)

YES, I have prepared for a Figure Competition before.
NO, each time a girl prepares it is NOT THE SAME.  

Each time you go through the process, you have new experiences and encounter different obstacles. 
For instance I have been through the diet before so now I know the challenges that lie ahead, but that doesn't mean it will be easier ;)

Seeing as I ended up accepting my PRO CARD with the WNBF I will now be competing at the PRO level.  This is a completely different ballgame than Novice or Open Division. I will find myself amongst the elite, women who have worked for years to develop their physiques.

I have no expectations for my first PRO show I am just going to take it all in.

What I do have are goals.  
GOALS to go in HARDER and BIGGER overall, with specific focus on my legs and shoulders.

I have to admit its been tough to put on weight for this process. Even when you are doing it on purpose, its hard to stay positive when you see your body changing.

I am definitely getting BIGGER and STRONGER. 
Therefore my TRAINING is working.

I have learned OH SO MANY VALUABLE lessons throughout this process.  When I first made the decision to compete I gave several reasons and one of them was to relate to my clients when they were on a strict nutrition plan. 
Now I can add to my resume the ability to empathize with them when their weight fluctuates and the emotions that go along with that.  This ability is VERY POWERFUL and something new to me.  And I believe it gives me another advantage when communicating with clientele.

I will continue to be positive and grateful and have faith in the process, REMINDERS are always welcome in case I forget ;)

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