Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Protein Powder Recommendations

Over the last few months I have gotten a lot of inquiries about Protein Powders.
Depending upon what your goals are my recommendations to you would differ.
If your goal is weight loss, substituting a protein shake or any other "liquid meal replacement" is not in your best interest. Eating REAL FOOD satisfies you and the thermogenic effect of food (chewing and digestion) will help you as well :)
If you are looking to put on mass, the same too applies EAT MORE FOOD.  FOOD IS GOOD :)
When I do supplement my nutrition with protein powders I like to cycle them, the following are a few of my favorites.  
These are all dairy and wheat free.

If you don't mind a little chalkiness SUN WARRIOR Vanilla is your GO TO!
Berry Flavored Vega is great if you are into a fruity green shake, it is on the expensive side however.
When you are traveling or in a pinch, you can find the Chocolate Vega shake and go at all Wholefoods locations :)
Lifetime Basics Plant Protein Unsweetened variety is my go to when I am hardcore dieting.  This can be mixed with liquid to make THICK PUDDING- LIKE TREATS!!!!


  1. Thank you so much for posting about protein powders! I feel lost in GNC when searching for what I need. Plus taste is definitely a biggie!

  2. If you are into being as healthy as possible these are all great options. There is one more recommendation if you are tolerant of dairy. RTN Revolutionary Technology Nutrition. Vanilla or chocolate...talk about taste ;)

  3. I agree with Stacey. If you can do whey protein drinks then RTN is super yummy.

    With the exception of the Sun Warrior the other three options above have some additional healthy ingredients added to them. Sun Warrior is straight rice protein.

  4. Protein powder is a dietary supplement that is made from one or more of basic sources of protein. Bodybuilders and athletes have long relied on protein powder to make sure that they get the high levels of protein needed to build up their muscles through lifting weights and exercise. Thanks a lot.

  5. Thanx for ur post. plzzz tell me wht is the main benifits of WP, nd wht is the effect of WP on health ??


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