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Water Water everywhere, not a drop to drink!!!

Friend and fellow trainer Jenna Klane Nelson owner of The Training Fix had a great post that I wanted to share with you...

Warning : This is a lengthy post and I encourage you to really take the time to read it because I think this is so important, and could really help out each and every one of you with your health in the long run.
I love random coincidences.. they always freak me out in a good way

A few months back I was seeing Becky Feeley for a massage and she started to tell me about this ionized water, that she swore had magical results on one of her clients. I had never heard about this water so I was eager to hear more.
She had a specific client who she used to have to work on for hours( literally) because his muscles were always so tense, locked up, and dehydrated. He had taken a few months of because he was on the west coast w/ his wife who was holistically being treated for her cancer. When he came home he went to see Becky for a massage and she said his body felt brand new. It took less than an hour for her to do her treatment, the muscles were hydrated, and there were far fewer adhesions. When she asked him what he had been doing differently, his only answer was drinking IONIZED WATER. His wife had also been consuming it for her treatment as well.
When I left that day I needed more info on this water, because I instantly wanted it. Later that week I had an appointment w/ Aubrey Thompson who I have been doing my metabolic typing with and of course what does she mention… IONIZED WATER.
She had been working closely w/ Dr. Nancy Zare who is a distributor of Kangen Water, and instantly became a fan of this ionized water. After Nancy came in to the studio for a demo for a few clients and myself I knew I needed to get one. It is now all hooked up and ready to go at The Training Fix.
I asked Nancy for an interview about the water to help you all understand why I call it MAGIC water, ( besides it being hard to pronounce the word Kangen) and she was more than generous with her answers. Please take the time to read through these Q and A’s to help you understand what is so special about this water. As Nancy states in the first answer, all water is NOT the same and thats why it is important you read through this.
Enjoy :) and let me know if you would like to start picking up Kangen water at The Training Fix
1. What makes Kangen water® so special ? How is it different from filtered water?
Note that I added the trademarked, registered symbol to Kangen Water®
Before answering this question, let me clear up an important issue. Not all water is alike. For example, if I offered you water drawn from the toilet, would you think it acceptable? Probably not, yet it has been filtered by the municipal treatment plant where you live and is considered “potable”, that is, okay to drink. So for you to be safe and comfortable, the source and type of water is important.
There are at least 3 properties that differentiate Kangen Water® from other waters you can drink. These include anti-oxidants, alkalinity, and the molecular shape known as micro-clustered or hexagonal water. I’ll briefly explain each property.
Most people know that they need anti-oxidants because they retard or stop the aging process. Further, certain fruits, green tea, and Vitamins C and E are good sources of anti-oxidants. Bottled, filtered, and tap water do not contain anti-oxidants. But what exactly are anti-oxidants?
Anti-oxidants are electron donors and have an extra electron available to neutralize free radicals. Kangen Water® is a liquid anti-oxidant and has an abundance of unattached electrons that work within 10 seconds of taking a sip. A few individuals who have this sensitivity will actually notice a slight “buzz” from the anti-oxidants that quickly penetrate the brain.
Unlike anti-oxidants from foods, Kangen Water® does not require digestion. That’s what makes it so effective in scavenging free radicals. Plus Kangen Water® has 3-10 times the amount of anti-oxidants as the best green tea.
A second property that makes Kangen Water® so special is its alkalinity. All bodies are slightly alkaline and we strive to maintain this alkalinity not matter what we eat or do. Yet we are constantly bombarded with acid waste that comes from cooked and refined foods, animal products (meat, fish, dairy, poultry), medication, pollutants, exercise and stress.
To bring up the pH from this acid load, the body uses buffers, usually minerals found in foods and the long bones of arms and legs. When this mineral supply is exhausted, the body looks for ways to store the acid waste so that we are unharmed. Common storage sites include joints, muscles, organs, and fat.
Municipal water by law must be neutral or even alkaline. Since certain chemicals like chlorine (used to kill bacteria) make the water acidic, other chemicals are added to change the pH up to neutral. When we filter tap water, some of these chemicals are removed, with the result that the water becomes acidic.
In contrast, Kangen Water®, made from tap water, starts with this chemical cocktail and removes some of the offenders. However, the result is an alkaline water, rather than acidic.
We derive a lot of value from drinking an alkaline water. First the body doesn’t have to work so hard to buffer the acid waste that constantly accumulates. Second, all diseases thrive in an environment where the tissues are acidic. Alkalizing the body helps bring it into balance, enabling the body to return to good health.
Some waters are naturally alkaline and you can alkalize tap water by adding special chemicals or even the juice of a lemon. Yet the key to transporting alkalinity as well as anti-oxidants into the cells is the third property of Kangen Water®, its molecular structure. Regular tap, filtered and bottled water clumps together in large clusters of 15-90 molecules. When you wax a car, you can observe how water beads up.
Because regular water is so large, most of it goes around the cells and is excreted, failing to hydrate the body properly. Kangen Water® is much smaller in size, just 4-6 molecules. So it is able to penetrate the cells easily and thus bring nutrients in and remove waste products 6 times more efficiently than bottled, filtered or tap water.
If you take supplements your body will derive more benefit. If you take medication, you’ll find it working better. At the same time, your body will eliminate metabolic waste, with the result that you’ll experience more regular bowel movements.
Dr. Hiromi Shinya, the world’s leading gastro-enterologist has been recommending Kangen Water® for over 20 years. He reports in his book, The Enzyme Factor, that for those patients who drink at least 3 liters of Kangen Water® and limit their consumption of meat and dairy products, there has been zero recurrence of colon disease including colon cancer, crohn’s disease, colitis, and diverticulitis. You can see the results people get when drinking Kangen Water® by viewing his before and after videos available on YouTube.
2. Is it true that Kangen water® can actually help people lose weight?
Many people who drink Kangen Water® daily and refrain from drinking other beverages find it an effective means for regulating weight. There are several factors to consider.
First, Kangen Water® seems to curb appetite. When you first experience hunger, you drink a tall glass of Kangen Water®, most people find that they lose their appetite. As a result they eat less.
Kangen Water® aids the digestive system. So drinking it before meals will help stimulate the production of hydrochloric acid, which begins to break down the foods we eat. Better digestion helps in weight control.
A big factor in weight regulation is the water’s high alkalinity. The body must buffer acid waste, which comes from refined and cooked foods, stress, medication, pollutants and exercise. When the minerals that balance pH are not available, the body stores the acid waste, frequently in the fat cells. By alkalizing the body with Kangen Water®, you’ll find the fat no longer needed to protect you from this acid waste.
You may be aware that so-called zero calorie beverages that use artificial sweeteners actually contribute to weight gain. So it is recommended that you refrain from drinking these beverages, especially soda and sports drinks, as well as bottled water when you sample Kangen Water®. Recall that these waters and beverages are highly acidic and oxidizing, which contribute to keeping extra weight on the body.
3. Can the ionized water really make someone more alkaline even if they continue to eat acidic food?
The answer is emphatically “Yes”! Our bodies are 70-75% water by volume. So when you drink alkaline, anti-oxidant, ionized Kangen Water® you’re helping bring your body into balance. The easiest and fastest way to alkalize the body is by changing the water in your body.
Of course if you also change your diet by adding more unprocessed fruits and vegetables, you’ll bring your body into balance even quicker. My own story is that 2 years ago I decided to go 100% raw and ate a very alkaline diet. In the 3 months from July to October that I went raw, I also exercised vigorously. I lost a total of 4 pounds. Not terribly exciting given how restricted my food plan was and how much I was working out.
In October I began drinking Kangen Water® and continued my consumption of raw foods. With the holidays I slacked off on exercise, and kept my diet close to my intended goal. Come January, I lost an addition 30 pounds. Here was my proof of how alkaline water worked better than diet alone.
Some people wonder if you can get “too alkaline”. No. Because the majority of the food we consume, plus our exposure to pollutants, and the stress that is ever-present in our lives create so much acid waste, there is very little chance of becoming too alkaline.
4. How does Kangen water® have more antioxidants than other water? Could you explain the process?
Have you had the opportunity to walk past Niagara Falls (or other falls)? If so, then you may have experienced a slight buzz feeling as you inhaled the ionized water mist. This is the direct effect of anti-oxidants.
When snow falls in high elevations, its qualities are quite different than the water that fills our rivers, lakes and streams. According to Dr. Mu Shik Jhon, who published more than 300 peer reviewed articles in scientific journals, the water in upper elevations contains more hexagonally-shaped molecules that group together in small clusters. Such water has low surface tension and is brimming with anti-oxidants and quite alkaline in nature. He states in his book, The Water Puzzle, The Hexagonal Key, that all biological organisms prefer drinking alkaline, anti-oxidant rich, hexagonal shaped water.
However, as the water seeps into the earth, it first loses its anti-oxidants and then its alkalinity. The molecular structure also changes from hexagonal to pentagonally-shaped molecules. It becomes sticky and forms large clumps of 15-90 molecules or more. The surface tension is high, which explains how certain insects can actually “walk on water”.
In the 1940s scientists were studying populations that lived the longest and were healthiest. Five such groups were discovered and they had one thing in common: the properties of the water they drank, not the exact water but its properties. You guessed it. The water was alkaline, full of anti-oxidants, and hexagonally-shaped small molecules.
The Russians invented a process involving electricity that changed ordinary tap water into this type of water. Later in the 1970s, the Japanese perfected the procedure and it was known as electrolysis or ionization.
When water passes by electrically charged plates, the minerals or ions in the water are attracted to the negative and positive poles of the plates, thus pulling the water apart and changing its structure. The result is smaller, hexagonally-shaped molecules. At the same time, one of the hydrogen molecules is released from the other hydrogen and oxygen that constitute water (H2O). When water contains more hydrogen, it is acidic; when it contains less, it is alkaline.
Hydrogen has one positively charged electron. The other hydrogen-oxygen molecule is negatively charge and thus attracts the electron to it. This electron becomes a donor and gives the water the property of being an anti-oxidant.
5. Could you please explain the benefits of the micro-clusters in Kangen water®, and how it’s different from other sources of water?
Alkalinity alone does not make Kangen Water® superior to other waters we can drink. You can squeeze a lemon into water and the result is alkaline in the body. You can also dissolve supplements into water, including anti-oxidants. But this too does not mean that the body receives them. Consumption does not equal absorption. It’s what the body absorbs that matters in the long run.
This is where micro-clustering comes into play. The fact that Kangen Water® is only 4-6 molecules in size means that the cells of the body readily receive it. I use the term, wetter water, to describe this phenomenon.
Think of your cells like a chain link fence. Think of the water which transports nutrients as balls thrown against the fence. How many baseball-sized water molecules will penetrate the fence? Not many. How many golf ball-sized water molecules get through? Lots more. That’s the difference between regular water whether tap, filtered or bottled, and Kangen Water®. Your cells absorb more Kangen Water®, thus you become better hydrated.
Since water transports everything in the body – nutrients, supplements, medication, electrical impulses, etc. – Kangen Water® brings more into and out of the cells. Your body thrives on Kangen Water®.
6. I have read/ heard that disease cannot grow in an alkaline environment. Is Kangen water® suggesting that it could prevent disease from growing in the body?
In 1931 and again in 1934, Dr. Otto Warburg was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for his research on the metabolic pathway of cancer. He discovered, and his research has never been refuted in nearly 80 years, that cancer thrives in acidic, oxygen-deprived tissue.
The implications of this research suggest that the body can heal itself IF it is sufficiently alkaline and adequately oxygenated. Many alternative modalities for treating cancer take this approach.
You might be interested to learn that all degenerative disease thrives in acidic, oxygen-deprived tissue. This includes heart disease, diabetes, acid reflux, arthritis, colitis, gout, and so forth. Remember that the body might strive to maintain its slight alkalinity, which it does so with various regulatory responses.
There is no research to date which shows that creating an alkaline environment will prevent disease.
7. What other properties make Kangen water® such a medicinal tool? I have heard it has truly helped those with crohns, colitis, and other digestive disorders… what is it about the water that has helped w/ these conditions?
Kangen Water® is not medicine. It’s water, the purest, healthiest water you can drink this side of a glacier. Although it has no medicinal properties, it can bring the body into balance and this enables the body to work at its best.
The ionizer that makes Kangen Water® also makes 7 types of water which vary by pH from 2.5 (extremely acidic) to 11.5 (extremely alkaline). Each has special characteristics and uses.
Because it can produce 2.5 acidic water, in Japan the ionizer is classified as medical equipment where it is employed in over 250 of the top hospitals. It is also used in over 30,000 restaurants because the 2.5 water has the ability to sterilize and disinfect. Surgical instruments, utensils, surfaces, cutting boards as well as linens are treated with 2.5 water to kill 99.99% of bacteria, viruses, and fungus including salmonella, e-colli, and mersa.
There are medical protocols in Japan involving 2.5 water for wound care.
Here in the US, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved this water for sanitation. More and more restaurants are using 2.5 water to rinse produce, clean surfaces, and reduce the need for chemical disinfectants. This practice protects the lungs from fumes and the skin from irritants.
You asked about digestive disorders. The drinking waters support proper digestion and transportation of nutrients. They also enable the body to remove waste products efficiently. Opinions vary as to which property of Kangen Water® makes it so beneficial. I think it is the combination and synergy of all three (anti-oxidants, alkalinity, hexagonally-shaped, micro-clusters) rather than a single characteristic.
So drink up! The recommended amount is at least ½ your body weight in ounces, more if you’d like a therapeutic effect. That means if you weigh approximately 150 pounds, then you should drink a minimum of 75 ounces, or about 9 8-ounce glasses of water. Because Kangen Water® doesn’t bloat in your belly, it’s easier to consume large quantities. In fact your body will be happy to receive it, especially first thing in the morning. It’s the healthiest eye-opener and energizer.
Use Kangen Water® when preparing foods. It brings out more flavors and you may use less ingredients.
And be sure to give your pets Kangen Water®. Let your dog try each of the pH levels: 8.5, 9.0, and 9.5, as dogs do differ in their preferences. Cats tend to like 8.5 and horses 9.5.
Your house plants will also enjoy ionized water. Mine thrive with the 5.5 beauty water. A Gerber daisy that I received in December has put out many blossoms since I began watering it so, and the foliage is lush and green. My tomato plants also like their daily dose of acid water, and I happily consumed the first fruits this past week.
8. Here are some basic questions on the life of the water. What is the best type of bottles to use for storing the water? How long do the anti-oxidants last for? How long does the water stay ionized for ?
Kangen Water® is affected negatively by air, light, and movement. So the best choice for holding or storing it is a dark container (to limit light penetration), filled to the brim (to eliminate air), and kept upright (to curtail movement).
The most fragile property of Kangen Water® is its anti-oxidants. They quickly disappear into the container or the atmosphere immediately and are gone within 2-3 days. That’s why it’s best to drink the water fresh from the machine.
Alkalinity lasts longer, usually 5-7 days, although it too dissipates once the water is ionized. The micro-clusters remain for 4-6 months. So even though the anti-oxidants have disappeared, and the water has become neutral in pH, it’s still a better choice than bottled, filtered, or tap water.
As for storage contains, metal bottles have a tendency to remove anti-oxidants more rapidly than other materials. So avoid aluminum or stainless steel bottles when storing Kangen Water®. Glass is the top choice, but non BPA plastic is acceptable. The thin plastic that is in use for bottled water can leach chemicals, especially when heated or frozen. Never re-use this type of container.
9. Can you think of one reason why anyone should not consume this water?
Great question. Everyone needs to consume water. Our bodies depend on water for all its functions. Yet there are some health conditions where the individual must limit fluid intake such as congestive heart failure and some kidney disease. In these cases, follow your doctor’s advice. However, make sure to drink fresh Kangen Water® rather than any other beverage to hydrate your body in the best manner possible.
Do remember to use ionized water for skin care too. The machine produces the exact pH level for proper hydration of the skin. It will also leave your hair soft. And it’s great to spritz some Beauty Water throughout the day both to revive and hydrate your face.
Individuals with skin conditions such as psoriasis and acne can benefit from a combination of waters produced by the ionizer. First clean the affected area with 2.5 water (30 seconds or so). Then soak with 11.5 to bring extra oxygen for healing. Finally apply 5.5 Beauty Water to return the skin to its proper pH.
Appreciate that Kangen Water® has many applications in food preparation and cooking. The 11.5 pH water removes oil-based pesticides and herbicides liberally used on conventionally grown produced. By soaking it briefly you remove the offending chemicals and increase the shelf life of the vegetables and fruits.
Meat and fish also benefit from a bath in 2.5 and 11.5 waters. Not only will the food taste better, and cook in a shorter time period, it will be tenderized too. Soak beans in Kangen Water® to reduce and eliminate the “gas” that often occurs when digesting them. Kangen Water® also reduces the cooking time for beans, lentils, grains, and rice.
The 11.5 water can be used to clean around the house. It emulsifies oil thus lifting dirt. It’s great for pet stains, toilet bowel stains, stains in tea cups and bowls. It replaces laundry detergent. In fact, you can eliminate all your household cleaners once you own a Kangen Water® ionizer.
Thank You so much to Dr. Nancy Zare for taking the time to answer these questions.

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