Friday, January 3, 2014

Hello 2014

Here we are several days into January of 2014. Did you accomplish everything you set out to do in 2013?
Congrats if so!
Personally I think goals are great, however I find that many of us are going about them all wrong!
So you have a goal.
What is it?
Be specific. Don't overwhelm yourself. You have the ENTIRE YEAR and who says you can't add more goals once your original ones have been met.

When will you make the time to do the things necessary to accomplish it? 

Having a plan with regards to time management can eliminate excuses.

How are you going to get there? 
This is the most difficult question indeed. Again nail it down. Here's where a good old roadmap comes in. Breaking it down little by little, step by step.  Accomplishing these subtle things and/or habits that combine to make the  BIG GOAL.
Whether your goal is financial, career, health, or personal you must first answer those questions if you have any hopes of succeeding! I always enlist the help of several close friends to map out my goals. 
You know who you are ;) 

A self proclaimed "technology hater" I prefer to write out my goals on pieces of paper.When they are within one of my many journals my plans stay in my face rather than in the back of my mind! 

Wait! Was technology used to complete my 2014 roadmap!?!?!?

Whether you talk with a financial advisor, coach, your significant other, or ME :) the more your goals are out there…the more likely you are to accomplish them!  

For me health and fitness goals are the easy part.

It's fun to have a few types of shortish term goals to add variety to my training. 
I want to run a sub 6:20 mile. I don't run so this will be fun!
I want to increase my upper body strength…MORE.
For my 30th birthday I completed a bodyweight bench press. 
For 2014 I want to increase my chin-ups to 12 repetitions.

Business goals however prove a little more difficult.

Ever since I started my own business my writing and blogging has gone way down.  This year I have challenged myself to blog at least once every 2 weeks to share my knowledge, spark conversation and give my thoughts a home, aside from my journal! I also will be making more youtube videos, because suddenly I no longer give a **** what people think of me. I want to help more people and have knowledge I want to share!

There are also LONG TERM business goals to think of.  Building a community amongst my in-person clientele really came together this year :) whereas building an online following is an ever evolving process!  

Personal goals are another one that can tend to fall by the wayside. Especially when you have a family and/or a business to take care of. Remember YOU are always #1. Take care of yourself and everything else will come easier. 
In 2013 I finally learned to surf… AND I FREAKING LOVE IT.
This year I vow to finally take that photography class. Diversifying my interests can only help my life!

I truly think goals are great! Hold yourself accountable and ask others to support you on your journey this year. 
Did this post spark anything in you? 
What are a few things you resolve to do in 2014?


  1. “Remember YOU are always #1.” – I agree. Goal setting is important because it helps us to concentrate on our priorities. But let us not forget how important our life is. Business goals can be achieved because there are lots of people out there that can help you build on the right marketing strategy for your business. But we can lose our life once we take it for granted. Have a happy 2014!

    Mike @

  2. I agree. Setting up goals for the business is one of the hardest parts, but also one of the most important. Because you have to consider a lot of things to create a good strategy that will lead your business to success. Fortunately, it’s much easier nowadays, because there are a lot of ways people can use to make planning much easier; such as going to seminars, trainings, etc.

    Karla Walker @ StreetsMart Marketing


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