Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Protein Powders

I like to think that there are quite a few things I could help people with when it comes to health and fitness.

So it never ceases to surprise me that the MOST COMMONLY asked question I still get is … should I supplement with a protein powder and if so which one?
I blogged about this awhile back but I wanted to elaborate further this time around.
Before I elaborate, I want to ensure you that the following remains the same.

If your goal is weight loss, substituting a protein shake or any other "liquid meal replacement" is not in your best interest. 

Eating REAL FOOD satisfies you and the thermogenic effect of food (chewing and digestion).

If you are looking to put on mass, the same too applies EAT MORE FOOD.  FOOD IS GOOD :)

Given that I am pretty particular about my protein powders I always ask people the following questions before I give them my recommendations.

Do you have any food sensitivities or intolerances?

What flavors do you like?

When do you plan to use the protein powder?

What do you plan on using it for?

Why all these questions you ask?!??!
Well, I have several favorite protein powders and several different uses for each! I hope this information helps :)

Suppose you are intolerant to wheat and dairy. Have no fear…absolutely no bloating here!
I would suggest going with Sun Warrior or Vega.  I prefer Sun Warrior Vanilla and Vega Vanilla Chai!
If you are more of a chocolate kinda girl Sun Warrior Chocolate and Vega Chocolate would be more up your alley.

If you are having your smoothie in the morning perhaps you are like me and prefer to start the day off  as "healthy" as possible.  Within my green smoothie I add in avocado, spinach or kale so the fact that Vega is green really makes me feel like its healthy :D
** FOR SOME PEOPLE drinking a green protein is a huge turn off! So Vega would not be for you.

A close second in the morning is the Sun Warrior vanilla or chocolate!
*** Sun Warrior can be a little chalky. In recent months they have definitely reformulated something so the chalkiness is WAY LESS!
Sample smoothie: 
For days that I don't lift I don't consume as many carbohydrates. 
In order to still consume a decent amount of calories I up my healthy fat intake! 
1 scoop sun warrior vanilla
3/4 frozen banana
1/2 avocado 
handful of roasted unsalted almonds
1 TBSP coconut oil 
1/2 cup vanilla almond milk
1 cup spinach

For those of you looking for a post workout smoothie that are fine with diary and dig chocolate and peanut butter I highly recommend RTN Bionic Edge Whey in chocolate or vanilla and Protizyme peanut butter. I mean who doesn't dig chocolate or peanut butter!

Personally if I am craving something sweet I make an amazing protein creation for dessert with the RTN Bionic Edge Whey in chocolate and/or Protizyme peanut butter.

A few of my favorite creations are chocolate banana balls, toasted almond protein pancakes, or chocolate protein frappes! 
I promise to share these recipes next post!

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