Friday, August 21, 2009

Only 3 MONTHS out and look at Momma go!

Starting with her Versus warmup, Emily gets her core firing. She moves on to planks and bridges and into some TGU's.
Single leg work, some pulling action and some more core stability work follow. Check out this beautiful 24 kg swing. This lady in black is SMOKIN ;)

Technically we don't offer childcare at the studio, but this baby and his parents are pretty special to me!


  1. That is a killer swing! What technique. I watched it 3x. I'm impressed and a little jealous! :)
    Thanks for the motivation! The baby is so cute, can't wait to c him pick up his first KB.

  2. Long time listener - first time caller...I have to start by giving credit to Stacey, the work you are doing with Emily is awesome. 3 other comments
    1. I like those swings
    2. I like that lady in black
    3. I like that baby


  3. Love those pics of you and Grady, so cute!! Emily looks great - so strong!!


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