Tuesday, January 19, 2010


If you have ever seen me at the gym, the yoga studio, or just walking around you know I ALWAYS wear a headband.

The gal who inspired me to compete in my first figure competition, recently got in touch with me and sent me some samples from FRESH KARAT.

Fresh Karat headwraps are a fashionable, functional and durable product designed never to budge or cause discomfort. The headwraps appeal to all ages and can be worn wide or skinny, at the hairline or away from the face. Also very practical, they can be used for yoga/running/at the gym, errands, outdoor activities, bad hair days, or the perfect finishing accessory.

Anyhow, they do wholesale and retail... so if any of you gym owners want to incorporate it into your pro shop, or if you boutique owners want to add a little something special to your store ;) Email Alli at freshkarat@gmail.com :)))

Alli McKee is a strength coach from Baltimore Maryland, she is both the girlfriend and client of Coach Nick Tumminello!

If you love the headbands as much as I do, enter the code "fitness" for free shipping!

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