Thursday, January 14, 2010

9 weeks in and I am already seeing results :) I am working VERY hard and I have a great coach to write my programs. Rather than just running through the stages of periodization; I am staying in my hypertrophy phase until we see the results we want!

I need BIGGER LEGS, popping delts and GINORMOUS LATS! Phase 2 of my hypertrophy phase is full of bilateral exercises WOOHOOO.

Two days per week I am allowed a TINY bit of interval burnout at the end of my workout. On my lower body day it is lower body specific, and on my upper body pull day, likewise.

Every girl that does a Figure Competition is going to have a different program. It is all about works for her :) It's all about trial and error...lucky me.

Currently I am not on any sort of strict diet. I had a meeting with Bonnie LeFrak (more on that later) and she said I am as lean as ever so just KEEP EATING and NOT DOING CARDIO. I just need to try to put "good" mass on. I am trying to eat every 3 hrs a good carbohydrate and a protein, and trying to get in 2 BIONIC EDGE WHEY PROTEIN SHAKES per day.

As most of you know it has been quite a few crazy weeks, and to be honest my diet hasn't been at its best. Honestly I haven't cooked in the past month...lots of salads with chicken BBBBBOOOOOORRRRRIIIIIINNNNNGGGGGG
That will all change after this weekend, when I have a little more time to get myself together.
Many people have asked if this training has made my life more difficult, and I am happy to say NO!!! Exactly the opposite :) It has given me something to focus on through some tough times. It has been a challenge that I love to attack full on, for MYSELF! I am just a short ways in and I have already learned SO MUCH


  1. Pretty buff, Stace!! Keep it up!

  2. Hey Wedgie girl - Krista doesn't have a google account so she can't comment so I'm doing it for her. She says YOU LOOK FABULOUS!!!

    You do look fabulous! Teeeny waist :) Good for you sticking with your program and eating well. It's really paying off. Thanks for giving us an update.

  3. Oh, and also... I got sick of rtn shakes and started eating it like taffy instead: 1 scoop choco rtn, 1 scoop almong butter -mix together till dry but crumbly, add <1 tsp hot water and mix. Starts out dry but it comes together. The longer you let sit the more taffy-like it becomes. I eat it with a spoon.

    Um, yuh. Just another idea if you get sick of shakes. [but don't forget to drink water afterwards!!!!!]

  4. yummmmmm, THANKS!!!! Did you know I got the 25lb tub for Christmas :0


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