Friday, January 1, 2010

Figure Competition Update

Many things have changed since I signed myself up for this competition in June. One such thing is the fact that I have a workout schedule that I have to stick to!
Monday's I do this, Wednesday's I rest Thursdays its that and Sunday its this.
What happens when Monday doesn't happen and your days are all backed up?
I found out this week :0

I also have to go to a "regular" gym for my workouts nowadays. I don't always know the hours of operation especially on the weekends! I have had a lot on my mind and have been spending my spare time in my bed. After work on Saturday I just couldn't get motivated. When I finally made it to the gym, I only had time to complete my first two super sets before they kicked me out!
Now if you didn't know/couldn't tell, I have a type A personality....what was I going to do?!?!?! I still had 3 sets of eccentric chin ups and dips to do.

I am a firm believer in the fact that a little laughter goes a long way. I hope you can laugh along with me here


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