Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Going on week number 3.

If you haven't spoken to me then you wouldn't know that week #1 went horribly.

Week #2 much the same.

With a few tweaks, week #3 is getting better.

Just as no training regime will work for all people, neither will nutrition plans.

Every BODY is unique INSIDE and OUT.

Due to my recent experiences I have come to know my body better than ever.

The RTN protein powder ( tho it TASTES AMAZING) was just not working for me on a daily basis. That in addition to MEAT ever 3 hrs... my body just wasn't able to process animal protein in such high doses.

For those of you who are can guess where this got me

So I have switched to a VEGAN protein powder. I have also cut ALL MEAT out of my diet. I have replaced it with a variety of fish and legumes. This is virtually unheard of in traditional body building and figure competing. But hey a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do.

Having to make this major change and not even knowing for sure whether it will work, is scary and a bit discouraging.

I know for a fact that when it comes to show day, I will be a bit softer than the other girls, simply because CARB CYCLING is a little difficult when some days all you are eating is CARBS!

I can't get over what great people I have established relationships with in my time in the fitness industry :)

Jess was so friggen helpful and cute, I know she won't mind me sharing her helpful hints!

OK – bring out the BOOKS! (hahah, nerd)
So the obvious q’s… drinking enough water? Taking a multi-vitamin with iron it it? On any medications that have side effects that cause constipation? Getting enough INSOLUBLE fiber?
My books say:
· Eat plenty of foods high in pectin (apples, carrots, okra, beets, bananas, cabbage, cirtrus, dried peas.
· Avoid foods that stimulate secretions by the mucous membranes, such as dairy products, fats and spicy foods.
· Do not eat dairy, soft drinks, meat, white flour, sugar – hard to digest and have little to no fiber
· Eat dried prunes or figs
· Consume barley juice, wheatgrass, or any cholorophyll heavy drink
· Flaxseed oil or fresh ground seeds may help soften stool
· Psyllium seed (take with a whole glass of water!)
· Go to the toilet at the same time each day – even if the urge doesn’t exist to go, and relax. (meditate on the Potty, Stace!)
· Take acidophilus –especially if you’re using laxatives
Basically do what you can to alkalize your body as much as possible while still eating animal proteins. That is supposed to help. Go get a ph stick from Whole Foods and pee on it – see what your acidic levels are.

I'm pretty sure Angus read my mind when he sent me this! YUMMY, with a few adjustments even I can eat this :)

Bonnie reminded me that even when this is a "Natural" Competition, many things that you will do to yourself in order to get stage ready aren't exactly natural or healthy :(

Colette gave me a ton of great advice as well, if you live near the South End and have any digestive issues, she's your gal!

As you can see I have a great support system :)

Just as an injury or getting the FLU would set you back in competition prep, so to does my little digestive issue. I would NEVER NOT do this competition, I am just not willing to make myself SICK AND MISERABLE over it. I can deal with low carb miserable :)

Watch Out JUNE 5th, here I come

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