Tuesday, March 9, 2010

"You can do anything for 3 months"

Yeah, yeah thanks Steph.

Since I am 12 weeks out from my competition, I began my diet this week :0
I have never in my life weighed and measured my food. I have a lot of diet restrictions as far as what I can and cannot eat, BUT I have NO restrictions on the QUANTITY of things I eat......

I had a dream about eating PIZZA last night, I haven't had anything resembling a piece of pizza in 2 years. I don't no why this diet is getting to me, let alone so early.

I am going to be 100% compliant.

I have spent countless hours lifting, I will spend countless dollars on my suit ;) I better follow this diet because I want to BRING IT on June 5th.

This Sunday I will take part in my first posing class.

As I explained before, I see this competition as a "right of passage." As a woman in the Fitness Industry I want to experience all that I can, and this sport has always intrigued me. My family and friends can assure you that pages of Muscle and Fitness Hers were torn out and kept in countless binders throughout the house when I was a teenager.

As I have delved deeper into training I obviously have been drawn to the corrective aspect of things, the maintenance of flexibility and the fact that SPOTLESS FORM is absolutely CRITICAL.

As one of the most influential woman in the Fitness Industry, Rachel Cosgrove provides a nice summation of what I have in store for me below....

Glamour of Figure Competitions: The Truth Exposed

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  1. Too Bad. I was going to bring by some cheesecake and Whoopie Pies, but I guess that's out, huh?


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