Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Training Update :0

Just wanted to give you a quick update on training!

Monday's are a long day consisting of5x5 chin ups
5x5 wide-grip dead lifts
drop sets of
wide grip lat pull downs super set with incline dumbbell press -4 sets.
And I finish it up with
bent over rows super set with barbell hip thrusters- 3 sets

After that Coach Nick suggested I try boxing for some upper body specific cardio.
4-8 sets of 3 min rounds that is

Poor Greg ... I DON'T BOX.



  1. Nice job Stacey!! You look like you did a great job. So jealous - I wanna box!

  2. Awesome! When my trainer makes me "hit it" my whole body has to slam to the ground, not just a's like a burpee on crack :) It's exhausting, and I love it lol.

  3. I checkout your video! AWESOME :))))) How many shows have you done?


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