Saturday, March 27, 2010

Glute Activation


Have you ever spent half a session trying to activate a client's glutes with no result!?!?!?

Try the LAT LUNGE on for size and get that A** on fire in no time ;)



  1. Hi Stacey, I just found your website yesterday, and I'm loving checking out all the info you have here. Awesome site! Question...I was looking at a bunch of the videos you posted here, and I'd like to know what sort of suspension system you're using. Is it something that I could get for home use? Would TRX give me the same functionality that you have with your system? The lower body workouts look great. I'm really trying to work on my lower body, and no amount of squats, lunges, and leg presses are giving me the results that I'm trying to achieve. Some of the exercises that you're doing look absolutely killer! I'd love to be able to try them out! - Nancy

  2. I looooove the videos with you and Kevin working together!! I miss training with you guys. Tell that dude I said HI!!!

  3. Nice to hear from you Nancy :) In these videos we are using the MYOFORCE Versus. I highly recommend home use of this product. The Versus differs from the TRX in that there is a pulley system with which you are forced to challenge your stability and get proper activation AND eventually use your own resistance to challenge yourself!
    Unlike the TRX you can train the upper body unilaterally which in turn creates better core strength and stability :) Check out!

  4. Thanks a lot Stacey! I actually did go to that site yesterday (and bookmarked it!) and saw it. I figured that's what you were using. So, it looks like that must be wall mounted. I didn't see anything that suggests that you can lock it into a door. Am I correct?
    The husband isn't too keen on the idea of me bolting it to our walls! ha ha. Hmmm. It looks like a really awesome piece of equipment with some challenging exercises. I'm always looking for something different to do, so that I can challenge myself with each workout. If I can't put this in a door, I need to figure out what I might be able to do. Thanks again. I look forward to checking your site out on a regular basis!

  5. At our studio we bolt it to the wall at different heights, but when you order a Versus you get a DVD and we show you the door attachment instructions. I travel with mine all the time!


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