Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Restorative Yoga

I have been strength training intensely since November. Lifting heavy can take its toll on your body and when preparing for any competition, injury is the LAST THING YOU WANT!

There are so many new muscles I have discovered these past five months. Along with discovering them, I'm desperately trying to make them BIG!
I am also doing things to my body that I wouldn't normally do EH HEM can we say 5 inch heels and delving into the waters of borderline shoulder impingement!!!!! ;)
Shhh don't tell David

I don't have a lot of money (understatement of the century)
When cleaning out my apartment I found an old gift certificate from 2 years ago so I FINALLY got my first massage since I started training. Obviously a spa massage is great, you are on a nice heated bed with soothing music, your naked and someone is rubbing you down with lotion. How could that not be good!?!?

Relaxing ...yes.
But it didn't target my specific problems.

That's ok because I can do it on my own!!!!

The secret to my weekly recovery is Restorative Yoga. It is not simply a sequence of Yin Yoga postures like I used to do. It is an AMAZING combo of self myo-fascial release techniques, properly sequenced asana with tons of props (bolters, straps, blocks, balls) focus on breath, all combined with some great tunes.

WHAT THE HECK IS BETTER THAN THAT?!?!? Wednesday nights at 7:30pm I go and see my friend and fellow Yogi Sara Kochanowski and let lose. When I leave Ifeel as if I have just awoken from a 3 hr nap!!

Just like anything else, your method of recovery must change and be specific to your activity in order to reap the most benefit.

If I am HAMMERING my shoulders and lats along with my gluts AND wearing heels; I am going to have to do something pretty specific to forge on with my gains and not get sidelined by injury.

The more you establish awesome body awareness, the less likely you are to get hurt pushing for the results you want.

Stay Tuned :)

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