Friday, September 11, 2009

8 Years Ago...

I was a freshman in college on my way to my first class at UMass Amherst. The only other person I knew, a friend from high school, came running into my room and turned on the television. Before I even had a clue what was going on, the plane in the back round of the news cast collided with a tower. I was confused and horrified at the same time.

Everyone's lives changed after 9/11...this is undeniable.

I am extremely close to someone who's life was turned upside down as a result of 9/11. At the height of his career and life came the destruction of 9/11. Working for Cantor Fitzgerald since college he had amassed some of the greatest friends in the world.

His reality came to a shattering halt when 658 people from his firm were killed in the attack on September 11th. From his life at the top he eventually hit rock bottom.

Eight years later he is the GREATEST PERSON most of us will ever come to know.

Wounds can heal, broken hearts can mend and memories will never fade,
My thoughts and prayers are with him today and always.


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  1. Very touching post and a nice reminder to think of those who lost so much on this day.


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