Monday, September 14, 2009

HIGH STAKES... from the pages of VOGUE

We all know I love getting articles from my clients and ideas from leaders in the industry but most of all I LOVE GETTING ARTICLES FROM FRIENDS and FAMILY. Just when I think I have been talking to a wall, they prove me wrong ;)
Thanks Shan!

In the September issue of Vogue the Beauty Health and Fitness section's topic of discussion is: adapting a fitness regime to survive wearing high heels!

Back in my financial district days I would constantly be getting on my female client to wear flats. At SOBOYO with David Vendetti we talk about the effects of heels ALL THE TIME. He wants us to wear Earth Shoes out on a Saturday night ;)
It's like I go from one extreme to the next!
Earth Shoes with a dress?

The faux rant is over. I am either barefoot, in Vibrams, or NikeFree's 98 % of the time. I give myself permission to wear my snakeskin Jimmy Choo's for 4 hrs.

You high-powered business women on the other hand are doing some damage to your body.

The article is correct in saying that when you stand with "perfect posture" wink wink, your knees are over your ankles, pelvic girdle over knees, shoulders over hips and so on up through the neck and head.

However when negotiating with heels ( this season's show stoppers tower in at EIGHT INCHES) your spine can't stack. You are forced into an extreme anterior pelvic tilt, low back is hyperextended and abs are long and weak... NEVER MIND what is happening to your Achilles tendon, calve muscles and KNEES!!!!!!

The reporter interviews a yogi and a trainer, for a fitness regime that accommodates the seasons high heels.

I dunno, You decide ;)

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  1. yay! i love my heels but i might love my back way am i wearing earth shoes on saturday nites tho haha.


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