Tuesday, September 22, 2009

It's all about the ACTIVATION


Looks like an easy circuit from a quick glance right? A 6 exercise total body circuit using "some sort of pulley" and some KB's.

Look deeper and you will see the benefits of this amazing (not yet available to the public) product known as the Versus :)

Jenn and I start off with a great dynamic warm- up:

Overhead flutters- to engage the lower abs and mid back as well as open the shoulders,
Squat and reach- allow us to deeply lengthen the hip flexors as well as turn on the abs
Hip Flexor Hold and Lunge- isometric hold in hip flexor stretch for activation, while driving both arms forward towards each other(I like to call it the alligator clap), engaging the lats, serratus and back musculature
Lateral Lunge- isometric hold for activation, followed by deep lateral lunging one side at a time focusing on getting the hips back and driving through the glut to get up
Glut bridging and single leg hip extension- isometric bridge hold 20 sec, alternate driving heels toward the floor without rotation of the hips.
Plank with hip extension- upper push up hold, hips square driving one foot down toward the ground

Static In line lunge with Isometric high row hold and row- 20sec hold, 10reps/side

Split squats- 12/side

Suspended Mt. Climber- 20

Partner Chops- 10-12/side

Heavy Dead lifts- 12

Clean and Press Ladder 1-3

Repeat for 3 times total

It is AMAZING to see what happens when you go through the 2nd and 3rd time! All the muscles that make up your core are actually ACTIVATED and ON FIRE. On the split squats we went to 2- 12kgs, the dead lift we worked our way up to 2- 32kg, and we both got to pressing the 20 kg as if it were ALMOST ;) like a 16kg. Props to Jenn for getting to the 20kg ladder on her first try :)

Who wouldn't be excited about the products potential. All you KETTLEBELL ENTHUSIASTS the Versus is a must have for you and your clients! Wait til you see what else it can do :0


  1. Nice workout.can't waitfor he Versus to make its debut on the market (hint Aaron!!)

  2. Nice work Ladies!! That squat and reach is my favorite with the versus. And the flutters.


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