Wednesday, September 2, 2009


If you are a trainer out there and reading this...get in touch with me :)

Last week was definitely a connection week for me in the fitness world.

I had lunch with Marty Lydon of Transformations of Dorchester, another Kettlebell studio. The next morning I went to see Greg Pappas fellow RKC and hardstyler with my buddy Aaron Brook's Versus product.... he's hooked! Then I came Newton for work and teamed up with Sam Berry of Fitcorp for a kick ass workout by my partner in crime Kevin McCarthy. After that long time fellow trainer and friend Fendy Alexis gave me a call for some motivation. Then I had a telephone pow wow with Valerie and Sherri from Punch New Jersey :)))) Later on in the evening I chatted with Bonnie LeFrak.

At the studio itself we are in touch with half a dozen trainer's daily as well!

We are all after the same thing here. We work hard and love helping people, so share the wealth guys :)
Learn from others whether it be through successes or failures...they both teach valuable lessons.

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