Friday, October 2, 2009

My introduction to YOGS

When I graduated UMass Amherst with a degree in Exercise Science, I had maintained the freshman 15 gain and could barely touch my toes.
HAHAH I make this sound awful.
Don't get me wrong I was a gym rat in college as well as a Trainer at the "Wellness Center" , but I was doing all the wrong things and working way too hard and getting NOWHERE FAST.

Side note:I had to stop rowing in college because I had such intense knee pain that my orthopedic surgeon said I had NO cartilage left and that I was going to need a DOUBLE KNEE REPLACEMENT in the near future. Keep in mind, I WAS TWENTY ONE.

Any how, I took my personal training test with the American College of Sports Medicine and got the job as a trainer at the Emerson College Fitness Center. Incidentally, my current buddy J. Finn was my boss, I had taken Kevin's place ;) The first and only summer I worked at Emerson College I would get an hour and a half break for a workout or for lunch. I saw that there was a lunch time yoga class with Tovah Rich. Weighing in at about 98lbs she was tiny, strong and beautiful and best of all, she could levitate!

My first class was MISERABLE, every pose was a struggle. I looked around as everyone flowed gracefully from pose to pose... I WANTED TO KILL SOMEONE! My shoulders were killing me and my quads were on fire. But when we came to savasana for our final rest, I found myself crying. Not because I was sad, I just couldn't explain it. That June I went to yoga Monday thru Friday from 12-1pm. I had never had something so hard make me feel so good. Sure I was a long time runner and loved the high I got, but this was so different.

It's definitely challenging being a yogi and a hardstyler, buts its benefits are far greater!!!!
I am able to do arm balances with ease because I move heavy weights on a regular basis. I possess the flexibility to Turkish Get Up and Windmill with grace and the strength of mind to get through the most grueling training sessions.

Recently I received my quarterly journal from the American College of Sports Medicine. (To be quite frank, a nationally recognized personal training certification is necessary in the beginning of your career, but experience beats all.)There is was YOGA on the front cover :) Included was a basic but very interesting article, of course I'll share ;)

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  1. When I was younger I used to spend a lot of time in the gym. As I regain my strength I hope to be able to do more and give yoga a try. Very interesting article. Thanks.


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