Sunday, October 4, 2009

October is here!

Along with Fall comes many great things, my personal favorite are the colors that come along with the changing of the seasons.

I always try to eat a variety of fruits and vegetables but October gives me an even bigger excuse to eat anything and everything that's ORANGE!!!

The other night I made butternut squash YUMMMM YUMMM.

Peel and cube squash and boil in water until soft
mash the squash to desired consistency
add agave, maple syrup and cinnamon

BOOM... DONE a sweet seasonal snack!

After apple and pumpkin picking I can assure you there will definitely be some creative EASY recipes for me to share ;)

You all know I love my Southie GAAden, but lately I was getting a little sad that my tomato and pepper plants were done producing and my flowers were wilting. This evening when I came home from my yoga training, this is what I came home to...

yet another surprise from my BEEFER, as I like to call him. How friggen sweet!


  1. That was really nice of him. Have a nice day.

  2. Your deck looks so pretty. Nice job, JT :)
    Mmmmmm, squash. My favorite was to eat butternut is to cube it and roast it with olive oil so that it gets all brown and caramelizes. So yummy. Eat it just like that or toss it with whole wheat (or quinoa) pasta and 'butter' and more pepper. I love autumn - definitely my favorite time of the year.


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