Monday, October 12, 2009

Once again I find myself with so much to say and so little time

Hope you all enjoyed your weekend! For some of us it was longer than usual :)

Tomorrow I begin a 21 day cleanse with 10 women from the studio! It takes 21 days to break a habit and we have decided to greet the Fall by giving our digestive system a little break to EASE into the colder months EASIER. I wish my momma could come live with me for the month so she could take part in this as well!! xoxo
Together with Lauri Meizler of we are going to drink 2 juices per day with as many raw organic fruits and vegetables as we want along with one cooked meal per day! This may seem CRAZY to some and EASY to others but I feel as though it will bring a lot of valuable lessons to the participants ;)
I also want you ladies to realize that as we are taking part in this cleanse you should ease back a notch on those hardcore workouts of yours. The next 21 days are the time to look inward and learn more about your body from the inside out. I advise keeping a food journal and tracking your feelings, emotions, energy levels and dare I say it... bowel movements during these coming weeks!!!!
I too will be backing off of my workouts and with the cleanse to focus on, it will be great to distract me from my bum shoulder. This past week I had a session with Slava at his new and beautiful location if you are looking into getting a massage and are up for an awesome new experience SLAVA is your man!
I also had the pleasure of meeting Margaret Chojin another massage therapist extraordinaire. She's tiny and sweet but don't let that fool you shes got the hands of an animal and a 5th degree black belt to boot. If you ever find yourself in Melrose check her out, you may pay for an hour but she'll work on your for 90 minutes!
In other travels this week I finally got to hook up with Courtney Little of Your Lifestyle Nutrition. Courtney and I are both graduates of UMass Amherst and ladies on a mission to help others lead healthier and happier lives. I will be having her in for a lecture in the near future so look out!
I also have my 5 gals who are going to join me for my FREE KETTLEBELL AND YOGA CLASS at the Grand Opening of Lucy at the Dedham Legacy Place on October 22nd. I picked up my outfit today...ladies they are CUTE!
It has been an amazing birthday week and will surely be AN AMAZING BIRTHDAY MONTH, since JT and I will be going to LONDON :0 to see the
play :0 I've never been to Europe and as you can imagine I am more than excited.

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