Thursday, October 29, 2009

We walked everywhere! At least 5-8 miles each day that we explored :0

Despite the fact that the gym was empty the times I made it down there, the people in London are generally active. As a society, the United States has become very sedentary, we drive to work, only to sit at a computer all day, perhaps we walk to lunch where we sit and eat, and then we walk to our cars where we sit again, oh and then we watch television and go to bed.

For trainers and anyone in the fitness industry, our jobs have gotten even more difficult as our population becomes more and more sedentary. We have one hour MAYBE three days a week with a client devoted to exercise, and now we have the additional problem of correcting the imbalances that arise as a result of a sedentary lifestyle.

In order to achieve maximum success with clients, proper NUTRITION is a must! We have to create a WARM UP that will serve multiple purposes (get the CNS going, as well as activate and engage weak musculature, as well as help with alignment) hint hint
As well as use tools such as THE KETTLEBELL that allow us to work major muscle groups with a single exercise. This way we get the most bang for our buck and are able to achieve results despite the odds against us :)

The more active you can be throughout your daily life, the easier a healthy lifestyle will be achieved and maintained.

As those of you who have experienced our studio know, we LOVE the holistic attitude. I have always dreamed of a "one stop shop" where people could go to see their acupuncturist, as well as their nutritionist, their trainer, perhaps if they needed one, their chiropractor, and perhaps even their yoga instructor..... ALL UNDER ONE ROOF!
Well the Brits have beat me to it! Check this out!


  1. I have never been to London but would love to go especially after viewing your amazing photos. I agree with you 100% about our lifestyles and how we somehow need find a way to break away from sitting on our bottoms and get plenty of exercise. For me, I love to walk especially now. Two years ago I was bed ridden. In February I almost died; but now I have lost over 100 pounds and have turned my life around and I am living a healthier lifestyle. Hope you have a nice weekend and Happy Halloween.

  2. Brian that is AMAZING! I am so proud and happy for you :)


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