Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Bodyweight Cardio Routine REVISED

Here in Massachusetts it's finally starting to feel like SUMMER! Lot's of clients are going away and need some guidance while they are away from the studio. Some are in Europe, others in South America, others camping right here in MA. Regardless of where you are going, your fitness routine doesn't have to disappear completely :)

ALWAYS perform a dynamic warmup:
could be as easy as...

Walking calf raise pulling knee into chest- 6/side
Walking butt kicks- 6/side
Reverse lunges- 6/side
Lateral lunges-6/side
Transverse lunges- 6/side
Inchworms- 6 total
Spidermans with twist and hamstring stretch-3/side
10 pushups

Body Weight Intervals

Bear Crawls ;) :30
Jumping Jacks :30
Mt. Climbers/T- Stand open up :30
Body weight speed squats/alt. reverse lunges :20
Rest :60
Repeat 3-5 times

Jumping Rope, lateral hops, plank holds, and bird dogs also work for those who do not feel comfortable with any of the above exercises.

Stay Tuned for more!


  1. Stacey,
    Love the blog. Will need some help while I am away. Worried about being away from Punch. Will pick up a kettlebell before I go. Do not want to lose any that I have gained from the last 10 months. Can not wait for you to see my golf swing. Forever talking Nancy

  2. Ooooooh, I'm totally doing burpees on my vacation!!! NOT. Heh hah. I like the warm up and the jump rope, plank, bird dog ideas though!

  3. Ok I bought the kettlebell and I am ready to go. FTN

  4. ok do you understand those exercises better? ILL MISS YOU NANCY...get me that f'in pic ;)

  5. Oh, you so you took away burpees and replaced them with bear crawls??? Do you know KB and I call those death crawls?? :))) Forget vacation... I should do these at home!

  6. I thought those were called Giggle Crawls!!

  7. You can die laughing.....


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