Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Remember Ronnie?

The gentleman who amazed me with his dedication and love for the kettlebell? I see him almost everyday and he comes in and does his workout on his own. We have provided the equipment, the space and just a few programs. Here is an email we got today; he asked that we share it with you :)

Hey Stacey and Henri,

You should be proud of yourself because I attended Physical therapy at Newton Wellesley hospital today. I have had argument with PT since last week. I told him that Kettlebell is an excellence to apply all over body and building up strength. He thought it would not good for knee I told him. I didn't have any problem at all. In one week later. He realized that kettlebell is an excellence after I showed him a book of Lisa Shafer. He read it and see that KB emphases all legs. I told him I workout on one leg deadlifting 8/sides ( reach to three sides) it really helped my hips and knees including glutes, hamstring, and also quad. He said keep up what I am doing. He asked me to add with kettlebell. I told him to be patience and take time to build up strength on one leg deadlifting because Stacey know what she is doing with me based on her observation on me all the time. One leg deadlifting really challenge for me because I would have to reach three sides for 8 reps for two sets.

At the bottom line, he never saw kettlebell in his life. I was so surprised. I had to show him a book of Lisa Shafer.

You could share this message to any blogs or testimony :)

I am very grateful to join Kettlebell since 2006. But my main goal is to get two certifications from AOS and RKC. Because Stacey said I can do since I workout on kettlebell more than three years than her. I said to her if she can do and accomplished her RKC that mean I can do too!

And also I had watched DVD Andrea Du Cane's for special workout program that is where I learned about surgery on hips and knee.

And also Z-Health too.

Also Anthony did help me a lot. I believed in him the reason I had argued with PT at Newton-Wellesley.
Pt supported Kettlebell program and philosophy.

Hat off to all of you.

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  1. I love that he taught the PT about the benefits of Kettlebells! Ronnie sounds like one well-educated dude :) Best of luck to him with his certification goals!!


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