Wednesday, July 29, 2009

I admire the hell out of this girl

Jess took part in her annual 3- Day Breast Cancer walk this past weekend!!!!!!!

Here is a little note she sent to all of us here at the gym :)

Thanks to all of you for your support for this year's 3-Day Breast Cancer walk!!! Enthusiasm, training and donations are what makes it a successful walk and I got all three from all three of you.

The weather was all over the place... raining all day on Friday, nice on Saturday and really really hot on Sunday. The rain wasn't so bad - I'll take a day of rain over three hot humid days anytime. Our final lunch on Day Three was in Stacey's neighborhood...Southie! That is when I first spied the walking Borats!! You'll see them in my photo set linked below. They are a perfect example of the people who walk and crew - great spirited people!!!

Overall there were appx. 1,600 walkers and over $4 million dollars were raised by walkers and crew!!!!!!!

Here is the whole set of photos if you want to see what three days of walking looks like ;P

Thank you again for all your support!!!!!

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