Wednesday, July 1, 2009


This morning I had the pleasure of spending time with Emily and Grady May! Grady is now 6 weeks old and Emily is ready to get back to the gym safely :)

I have had a lot of first's here at Punch Gym. This morning was the FIRST time I took a mother through a workout and pushed her baby boy around in his stroller at the same time :) I cannot even explain how happy it made me! It was awesome to see Emily getting to do something great for herself and her body while having Grady just a few feet away. You can't do that many places!! I can't wait to see them both next week :)

Emily is PHENOMENAL, if you don't know her introduce yourself, you will be so glad you did.
I am thrilled to help her reach her post pregnancy goals.

Yes GOALS, I said GOALS.
We all need them.
Anything to keep us reaching for something better from and for ourselves.

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  1. Emily look fanstastic and Grady is a cutie! Great pictures!


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